How To Make Money On Likee; How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Paid On Likee, How To Withdraw Money From Likee

Likee allows you to create and share short videos, just like apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. It lets people make and share interesting videos that are usually between 15 seconds and 3 minutes long.It gives people a place to express themselves, show off their skills, and meet with people around the world. Likee stands out because it has a lot of different kinds of videos, like dance videos, lip-syncing videos, comedy acts, and more.

There are many special effects, filters, and music tracks on the app that users can use to make their videos look the way they want. The easy-to-use interface of Likee makes it simple for both content producers and viewers to interact with the app.

Like other social media sites, Likee lets users follow each other, like and comment on videos, and find new material through personalized suggestions. People like the platform because it's interactive, which helps users feel like they're part of a group and work together.

How To Make Money On Likee

Here are different ways on how to make money on Likee:

Crowns: This is the most coveted and lucrative way to earn on Likee. Creators are awarded crowns based on the overall quality and performance of their content, including views, engagement, and adherence to Likee's community guidelines. The higher the crown tier (K1, K2, K3), the higher the monthly payout. However, becoming an official Likee creator and receiving crowns requires dedication, consistent quality content creation, and a significant following.

Live Streaming and Diamonds: Live streaming allows you to interact directly with your audience in real-time. During your live sessions, viewers can send you virtual gifts called "diamonds" which can be converted into "beans," Likee's in-app currency. The conversion rate between diamonds and beans fluctuates, but you can eventually withdraw beans to your preferred payment method. To maximize your earnings during live streams, focus on creating interactive experiences, encouraging viewers to participate through challenges, Q&A sessions, or polls.

Live Streaming: Going live on Likee opens doors for interaction and direct engagement with your audience. Viewers can show their appreciation by sending virtual gifts, which are converted into "beans," Likee's virtual currency. While beans cannot be directly withdrawn, they can be used to participate in contests, purchase special effects, and potentially increase your visibility on the platform. Remember, consistency, audience engagement, and entertaining live sessions are key to attracting virtual gifts.

Brand Collaborations: As your follower base and engagement grow, you might attract the attention of brands seeking to promote their products or services. These collaborations can involve sponsored content creation, product endorsements, or participation in brand-specific challenges. The earning potential depends on the specific agreement and the brand involved.

Affiliate Marketing: If you've discovered products you genuinely love and use, Likee allows you to promote them through affiliate links in your video descriptions or bio. When viewers purchase a product through your link, you earn a commission from the sale. Building trust and authenticity with your audience is crucial for success in affiliate marketing.

Likee SuperFollow (limited availability): This recently introduced feature allows creators to offer exclusive content to paying subscribers. While currently only available to a select group of creators, Likee is expected to expand the program in the future.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Paid On Likee

To kickstart your earnings on Likee, you might be curious about the follower threshold. While Likee doesn't impose an exact figure, having a large number of followers increases your chances of earning money. Many Likee influencers start their money-making journey with between 10,000 and 50,000 followers.

However, it's important to remember that the quality of engagement with your audience is just as important as the number of followers. Brands and sponsors prefer to reward creators who have a large and loyal fan base.

How To Withdraw Money From Likee

Here is how to withdraw money from Likee

Connect your payment accounts: To cash out your winnings, connect your preferred payment account to your Likee Creator profile. This is often handled via the app's settings or the dedicated payment choices section.

NOTE: Likee often has a minimum withdrawal amount that must be met before requesting a payout. This minimum may vary, so be sure to verify the platform's unique criteria.

Make a withdrawal request: Once you've reached the minimum withdrawal amount, you can submit a payment request. This is typically done through the Likee Creator dashboard or a specific part of the app.

Await approval: After submitting your withdrawal request, you may have to wait for Likee's approval. Patience is essential during this stage, as the approval procedure can take some time.

Receive your payout: Once your withdrawal request is approved, your profits will be transferred into the linked payment account. The payment's timeliness may vary, but you should anticipate to receive it within a fair date.


Is there a minimum follower count to make money on Likee?

There's no official minimum follower count for monetization on Likee. However, building a strong and engaged audience is crucial for maximizing your potential. A larger audience increases your reach, engagement, and the likelihood of attracting virtual gifts, brand deals, or qualifying for crowns (the main form of earning through Likee).

How long does it take to see results from my efforts?

Success on Likee takes time and effort. Building a loyal audience and monetizing your content requires consistent content creation, engagement, and strategic planning. Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results; keep creating, improving, and analyzing your content for better performance.

How do I know if I am eligible for withdrawal?

You need to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold set by Likee for beans before you can withdraw your earnings. This threshold can change, so check the official Likee creator guidelines for the latest information.


Now that you know how to make money on Likee, you can also successfully withdraw your earnings and understand what followers need to do. Bear in mind that it takes time to develop loyal supporters, so continue to be genuine, and consistent, and produce content that appeals to those who follow you. Likee is a community as much as a platform, a place where you can grow creatively and get recognized for your work.

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