LinkedIn Blocked In Russia

Communications regulator in Russia has banned the professional business networking after a court ruling earlier this month from the Moscow City Court found the firm guilty of violating data laws.

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Two years ago, Russia introduced legislation requiring social networks to store the personal data of Russian citizens on web servers located in Russia.

LinkedIn Blocked In Russia

 LinkedIn had been ordered to move personal data of Russian users to local servers or access to its website would be blocked, but the company failed to comply with the Russian order. LinkedIn executives tried to hold a meeting with Russian regulators late last week to prevent the ban, but they weren’t able to. This the major reason Linkedln was banned.


With over 5 million registered user in Russia, internet service providers in Russia have already blocked user access to LinkedIn. LinkedIn has confirmed that access to its website has now been restricted in Russia, and it issued a statement in response to the ban.

In other news, LinkedIn which recently agreed to a $26bn (£21bn) sale to Microsoft, which is currently making its way through competition regulators. Microsoft has reportedly offered concessions to the European Union in order to smooth over the deal.

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