New Nokia Android Phones Coming 2017 !

Nokia has officially announced that it will re-enter the smartphone market in early 2017 with a range of new feature phones and smartphones.

The once-ubiquitous Finnish company plans to use its historic gravitas to secure a place as a market leader alongside the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google and HTC.

Nokia won't be manufacturing the phones, but has signed a 10 year deal brand licensing deal with a Finnish startup called HMD that will take responsibility for producing and marketing the new devices.  
New Nokia Android Phones

Competing in the saturated phone market will be no easy feat, but HMD is confident that customers want to see Nokia devices on sale again. It hopes that its feature phones, which made the company the top phone maker until 2007, will be particularly popular in Russia and India, as well as in parts of Africa and Asia.

New Nokia Android Phones

So, what do you think, dear reader? Will the deal produce the ultimate Android phone we always wanted from Nokia or will this be another example of a great brand getting milked to death in order to sell lackluster crap?

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