Most Liked Picture On Instagram Ever

Most Liked Picture On Instagram 2018

After its launch on October 2010, Instagram have grown to become one of the most lovable social media network. A mobile, desktop, and internet-based photo-sharing application that allows users to share their photo post either publicly or privately to pre-approved followers. It even underwent an upgrade to enable it share videos as it was a strictly photo-sharing app when it launched.

Since then Instagram have amassed users worldwide with tons of downloads and currently ranked 17th on Alexa rank as at January 2018, it granted users an opportunity to share photos and keep memories, it even provided online jobs and a platform to share businesses, skill-set and so much more.

Celebrities have used it as a way to keep in touch with their fans, showing them glimpses of how they go about their daily lives and fans get to know the latest things happening in the lives of their favorite celebrities. It will come as little surprise that the users that get the most followership, views and likes are the celebrities, the top guns.

Likes on Instagram is a way to show your admiration of some sort for that post, of course you’ll want to know the user with the most likes on this awesome photo-sharing app and although Instagram does not provide a list of the most liked picture we’ve got you sorted.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

On February 6, 2018, Instagram user Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) with about 106M followers posted what would become the most liked picture, an emotional picture of her daughter Stormi Webster’s name announcement and although it looks to have been deleted as of now the picture was reported to have amassed a whopping 17.8M likes. The post was greeted with lovely comments from fans worldwide who were eagerly anticipating the delivery of Stormi and it will come as no surprise that Kylie Jenner’s post of her selfie with her daughter would come next in line as the most liked picture with 13.5M likes an amazing number but still a bit far off from the number one.

So would we see a post challenging for the number one spot soon? We might, but right now the picture of Stormi Webster’s name announcement sits there comfortably and could be hard to rival.

Kylie Jenner has also got 3 more pictures with the most likes in the top 10 rank, other users in the top 10 include Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano), Beyonce (@beyonce), and Selena Gomez (@selenagomez).

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