Gmail Gets A New Design Soon - Google

Gmail Gets A New Design Soon - Google

Gmail is getting a new fresh design as Google reportedly sent an email to customers who paid for its G Suite services Today. Announcing the imminent redesign, a new 'Fresh and Clean Look' for Gmail web user's interface which will be released next week as an early access program. The new design will also be available to the personal/normal Gmail accounts too.

A Google representative said :

'We are working on some major updates to Gmail (they are still in draft phase)' 'We need a bit more time to compose ourselves, so can't share anything yet --- archive this for now, and we will let you know when it's time to hit send'

Google didn't state the reasons for this new design but  this is the first major update Gmail witness since 2014 when Google did a new design for it's separate inbox app. Along side the new look, Gmail which is one of the most popular email in the world will be getting some new features like ;

Smart Reply a feature presently accessible on the Gmail mobile app that lets select a short, pre-written reply to sent emails.

Ability to snooze emails, which allows you to remove an email from your inbox for some brief period and have reappear later, triggered with a set time or when you are at a specific location.

Google also stated that native offline support will be unavailable for Gmail web until June 2018

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