Top 10 Best Awesome Tech Collection Gifts For Men

L Looking for the best tech gifts to give a man ? Valentine gifts, birthday gifts! Oh, how we love birthdays. A birthday is a special day set aside to celebrate the day of one’s birth. All over the world birthdays are celebrated and sometimes festivities are thrown.

Or you are just looking for the best tech gifts to present as a present, show of appreciation and love.

We have got you covered and we will guide you at getting the best technological gifts that you can get for men in no particular order.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men PS4 XBOX ONE

I knew you were expecting this so early on this list so of course we obliged. It is no surprise men love video games, from the eras of the Ataris and Segas, video games have served as a way male folks do away with boredom. You could find men playing all day with passion, joy and determination in their eyes.

Video games over the years have evolved with improvement in technology as it even creates a community of gamers worldwide that just want to have fun and even provides a chat room whenever they want to cool off.

It is often said guys love their video games same way ladies love their make-up kit, so ladies think no further when you want to get a tech gift for your partner’s birthday or val and get him a video game console and watch him sink into your arms further.

The popular ones you could get him are the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Microsoft’s Xbox One or the Nintendo Wii U.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men laptop

This is an essential gift to give your man especially if he is working or wants to embark on a project that requires him having a PC, you could also gift him this just because you can. *winks*.

The laptop is a small portable personal computer that has a thin LCD or LED computer screen and an alphanumeric keyboard and is essential for work and fun. Its advantage is that it does high speed work and is also portable so your boyfriend  can take it along anywhere and when work might seem boring he can switch to using it to relax by playing movies.

For a bonus you could get him a Razer blade laptop or any good gaming laptop. You could also get him high performance laptops like the Apple Macbook series, Asus Chromebook Flip, Huawei MateBook X Pro.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men Television

Yes, you could get your lover a television too if he’s still a bachelor or want to leave an imprint on his house. The television as a tech gift can go a long way and serve as a more intimate kind of tech gift as it might suggest you have a plan of a long-term goal with your lover if you both aren’t married yet.

You do not necessarily have to get your man a big one as large-screen 4k TVs are what are trending these days. There are still TVs with 24-inch display panel and less that’s going to look good for a bachelor’s house. However, it depends on what you can afford.

Jumia or Gearbest would be a good place to shop for this kind of televisions and gift to your man as you treat him like a king.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men Home theatre

Still thinking on how to touch up the home of your partner, a home theatre could be the answer too. It brings aesthetic to the house and of course does it job of bringing quality audio sound when watching movies with amazing sound track such as, Ant-man and the wasp or playing songs.

This could also be great as when connected to a video game console brings one closer to the very imaginative doorstep when you play games like Call of Duty, God of War, Injustice, etc.

Ladies could warm the heart of their man with this gift and there are ones that are quite affordable on Jumia or Gearbest.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men smartwatch

A smartwatch is a touchscreen wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch. Smartwatches then performed basic tasks like calculations, time telling, game-paying but technology now has evolved and their functionality range closer to smartphones.

They might feature a mobile operating system and Bluetooth connectivity and function as portable media players, cameras, compasses, thermometers, accelerometers etc.

With the time and age technology is in right now a smartwatch could be a perfect tech gift to give your man. A popular ones are Apple Watch, Huawei Watch 2, Pebble, Motorola Moto 360 Sport.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men smartphones

This was surely going to appear on this list. A smartphone could easily be one of the tools that would come to the mind of a woman when she wants to find a tech gift for her man. Almost everyone uses a smartphone and gifting your man a better smartphone is one way to show appreciation and care.

Smartphones fulfill the desires of its users such as a communication device, digital cameras, media player, web browser, torchlight, video game player, etc.

The use of smartphones is growing worldwide and you can shop for one and gift it to your man to celebrate him. From brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, etc. you could find one that satisfies his needs.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men digital camera

Also known as digicam is a camera that captures photograph in digital memory. It could be a perfect tech gift to give your male partner if he’s a photographer or has aspirations of being a photographer. If you can afford a high-end, high-definition dedicated camera it could go a long way as digital cameras now are being incorporated into smartphones and even vehicles.

You could also gift your man a simple pocket compact camera for leisure or to take on vacations. You can choose what suits your partner’s best need from brands like Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, Minolta, Leica, Nikon etc.

Gift your man a digital camera and watch him capture your memory in his heart forever.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men tech accessories

This can range from mobile power banks, phone cases, tech wires, chargers, headphones, solar products, fitness trackers, E-book readers, portable speakers, soundbars, USB and so much more.

They are quite a lot and compliments tech gadgets. Pay close attention and gift your man those things he has been wishing he had. It could be a pouch to put his handheld game in, a tripod stand for his camera, a car charger for phones, or an HDMI cable for his video game console.

Get him tech accessories that compliment his gadgets. Shop from gearbest, wired, amazon, and so on.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men Trackr ballpoint pen

This is a kind of smartpen and is a beautifully designed and superbly crafted writing instrument with a built-in Bluetooth tracker.

The pen connects and sends notification to your smartphone when you leave it behind and can also be used to track your smartphone.

So if you as a woman is hoping to gift your man something you can get him this tech beauty that can serve as a fancy writing material and a tracker for your smartphone. You can shop at amazon for it.


10 Best Tech Birthday Gifts For Men wireless router

Often times everyone needs access to the internet and our mobile internet service most times don’t do enough. Up steps the wireless router. It is a device that performs the functions of a router and also includes the functions of a wireless access point. It is used to provide access to the internet or a private computer network.

Some wireless router comes with modem. If your man does a lot of work or things that require heavy data you can gift him a wireless router for his birthday.

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These are the best tech gift ideas for men in different verities. You can gift any of them as per your budget and choice. Your man will definitely love these cool gadgets as gifts. Do tell us his reactions in the comment section below after gifting one of this tech to him. We would love to hear from you.

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