Best Alternative Website To Gofundme In Nigeria Best Alternative Website To Gofundme In Nigeria

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. That is exactly what does. Fundmeng is the best alternative website to GoFundMe platform in Nigeria for those who need urgent help with medical bills.

This crowdfunding website in Nigeria gives you the opportunity to create a quick and easy fundraising page. is a baby company of Promisepath Solutions Ltd, founded and registered with CAC in early 2018 with the sole aim of crowdfunding for Medical causes.

Fundmeng is the best crowdfunding website in Nigeria, the GoFundMe of Nigeria and the number 1 online fundraising platform in Nigeria. Helping those that needs assistance with fund raising in Nigeria for medical bills; this is done in a dignifying way using the power of technology and social media

Fundmeng takes great interest in individuals with severe cases which require urgent medical attention such as those who are referred to Specialist hospitals, Teaching hospitals, Federal Medical Centres, General hospitals, including Overseas treatment. Special attention is given to cases involving children due to their vulnerability. Their services do not require any out of pocket expense to either the beneficiary or their family members.

Due to the nature of the campaigns they run, Fundmeng only approve cases that have medical reports/proof from a Government recognized medical facility. An extensive verification process is carried out to ensure the case is genuine; this is done to protect the interest of their donors.  

What makes them the best and also different from other donations websites in Nigeria: Donations are not given to any individual but rather remitted directly to the medical facility in charge of the beneficiary.

Fundmeng's website enables fundraisers to easily upload multimedia (videos and pictures), tell their stories, and share their campaigns via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and many more.

Additionally, Fundmeng has some of the best customer service in the industry. You can reach them on Tel. +234 813 655 6438, email [email protected] or via their social media handles ; Facebook @Fundmengofficial, Twitter @ngfundme, WhatsApp +234 813 916 9359, Instagram @fundmeng and YouTube .

During my research, I noticed that in a matter of days, well over half a million Naira was raised for a 13 year old boy with cancer and almost a million Naira raised for a 2 year old baby with a hole in her heart. 

What does this signify; it shows that Fundmeng is fully dedicated to helping people with medical needs in Nigeria, so if you need help raising funds for medical bills in Nigeria, I strongly suggest you go to them.

Hey! Did I mention that every cause there is verified at the hospital, wow!! That’s a lot of work and they are doing it. Now I can be rest assured that each amount I donate is used for what it is intended for.

Lets join hands with Fundmeng in helping these helpless individuals find hope again and live a happy life.

How Does Fundmeng Work?

1. Visit (A donation website in Nigeria)

2. Click on Get Started or Start a Fundraiser Cause, complete the form and upload all necessary documentary evidence and picture of the beneficiary. (Do not upload any image that portrays indignity or humiliates the beneficiary)

3. Book a free appointment with for verification and advice

4. Once verified, your cause would be uploaded and donations would be made available.

Pass this message to all those in need of medical assistance and thank me later. 

All information relating to their medical causes are available at

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