Best Free Logo Maker App For Android Phones Downloads

Best Free Logo Maker App For Android Phones Downloads

We got to realize that some of our readers here are creative and we’ve gotten some emails asking us to write on best free android phones applications that can be used to make, build, design, create or edit a logo. So I’ve thought about it and have come to settle on writing about the best free android phones apps for making logos without registration and their download links.

You could be a creative (artiste, graphics designer, photographer, developer, programmer) or you just an individual that want to try his/her hands on creating logos and icons, then this article is for you because logo creation is a fun thing to do.

If taken seriously one can make a craft out of making logos and earn from it. Logo making doesn’t require you having a basic knowledge, just a creative and imaginary mind then you’re good to go and with just an android mobile phone you are set to delve in.

So, here are 10 best logo maker app with free download for Android phone


Best free DesignEvo - Logo Maker download

DesignEvo is a one of the top free logo maker app on android, developed by PearlMountain Technology. DesignEvo app is accessible to just about anybody as it is a free app logo maker with more than 3000 customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, and lots of graphics editing tools that requires you having no or little professional skills before you can bring to life that one logo you have always imagined.

You can go from nothing to creating the best company, football, fashion, animal, school, music, gaming logos with few clicks of a button, saving your created logo as JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG images, storing them in cloud, and finally sharing your logo to the outside world via social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Download DesignEvo for free on Google play store


best Free Makr Logo Design iPhone App free

Makr is a free iPhone, iOS logo maker app it also have an exciting logo website you can explore using your android phone browser to as it is free and user-friendly, it basically puts you through the steps of making logos much like many of the best logo designing apps with lots of logo templates that are easily customizable.

Makr is quite popular free logo maker website for android phones and PC and boasts of over a million logos made on their platform, they also send blog contents that help you with guides and tips on how to improve your logo building skills. You can say it’s a website that helps you achieve quite a bit of a professional logo making skills.

You can save your created logo with various image format - JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG images, export it and also share it with your clients, friends or community.

Visit Makr for free on Google play store


Download best free Logo Creator App for android

With Logo Creator app developed by Tanem Apps, creating logos has never looked easier. One can easily create a good logo within seconds as the app is user-friendly and comes with lots templates that just require you putting a few wordings and voila, your logo is ready.

Logo Creator App have come to be one of the best amongst professional and individuals as it is a free app to use, the templates don’t take long to load and everything about the app runs smoothly. It has acquire over 600000+ downloads and can be used to make business logos, sport logos, company logos, music logos, website logos and so much more.

Logo Creator also supports thumbnails, JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG images and several types of formats and share them on social media platform or save to your local drive.

Download Logo Creator for free on Google play store


best free Logo Maker - Logo Creator, Generator & Designer on android

Just about anyone’s dream would be deigning a logo that absolutely captivating and Logo Maker Generator helps users actualize such dreams. While having lots of logo templates is one thing, Logo Maker Generator templates are top notch professionalism. It's design isn’t basic and a finished job on it will have people amazed at the quality of the logo created.

It is a user-friendly app and it's many graphics effects - stickers, professional photo editing and text editing tools - Flip, Rotate, curve, font, color, hue, 3D rotate, resize and lots more that helps users smoothen their logo works.

While Logo Maker Generator is free best logo maker generator app to download on android, a con have been users complaining about the many ads which requires you paying a fee to have it removed.

Download Logo Maker Generator & Designer for free on Google play store.


best free logo maker on android Adobe Illustrator Draw

Along the line of a professional logo maker app, Adobe Illustrator is not just a logo making app but does a lot of things you don't find on other logo creator apps. It’s a must have for graphic designer but if you want to ply the route of just fun logo creation you can download it too.

However, it can be a bit over-whelming for beginners or dummies but it does absolutely a great job as logos come out crisp and extra alluring. It is free logo maker app to download on your phone but some extra packages cost some few cash to have them accessible.

Adobe Illustrator can be intimidating for first-time logo creators, who are new to it but in the long run it is usually a gem.

Download Adobe Illustrator for free on Google play store


download the best logo maker for android phones Canva

I have a friend using Canva for making some of the best logos, i have seen and while I was doing this research she recommended it as an exceptional free logo maker application.

Canva is a graphic designing app and so not only used for making logos but also for various other design works. Its template is very high quality and its drag-and-drop features make it all the more easy logo app to use.

So if you’re a professional or non-professional and want to make one of the best logos that are of the highest qualities, Canva is one app you need on your android phone if you dream of making logos.

Canva free to use but if you want to go premium the fee is as low as $1.

Download Canva for free on Google play store.


download the best free hatchful Logo Maker Design & Create on android

Hatchful is a free logo making app developed by Shopify Inc. The software is very easy to use in creating top notch logos. With over 100+ templates which are uniquely designed, you do not need any graphic experience to be able to use the application.

While on the go you can make a unique logo with few clicks of a button and within few minutes. Logo scan be customized from hundreds of templates, icon, and color combination and so on.

You can save your created logo in various - JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG image fil and choose to share them to audiences on varies of platform or save it offline. Hatchful apk is free to use.

Download Hatchful for free on Google play store.


free download logo pit Logo Maker Plus - Graphic Design download

Simple yet professional, Logopit Plus logo maker gives you the most simple user-interface to create the best logo on your android phones, using over a thousands of free graphic materials and logo editing options on the application to use.

With Logopit's logo app, your creativity has no limit as you can easily change the color of the icons, or make use of a texture image to give your logo colors and also use custom editing filters on logos. A simple icon is going to look very different with the right texture for your design.

You can easily make an original logo in no time with Logopit all in one logo generator, it also supports lots logo design such as YouTube thumbnails, YouTube covers, Facebook Covers, Twitter Posts, Twitter Header, Blog Header and lots more.

Download Logopit Plus for free on Google play store.


best free Logo Maker - Icon Maker for android download

Created by Z mobile apps for business, Logo Maker - Icon Maker is good and very easy to design logos for your business. A free to download logo maker app, Logo Maker - Icon Maker is a great logo generating app for android that makes it easy to brand your business with great, easily customizable unique logos.

You can create elegant looking icons with this free application a simple icon is going to look very professional with the right texture for your logo design. You can also make original color gradients and make use of them on your logos.

Download Logo Maker - Icon Maker for free on Google play store


free Logo Maker & Logo Design Generator download app for android phones

Logo Maker & Logo Design Generator is a free logo generating app with over 1,000,000+ installation on the android Google play store. The free logo maker app is created by Bihma Apps, with thousands of well designed beautiful logos to creating power branding for your ideas.

Logo Maker & Logo Design Generator is very simple software to use for logo generating as it comes with everything you need to make an elegant & stylish logo for your business.

With just few clicks you choose the right design or pattern you need from it's huge collection of shapes, symbols, marks, flag, signature, icons and stickers available for free for the best logo you want to make as it requires little logo creating skills.

Download Logo Maker & Logo Design Generator for free on Google play store.

I hope this list on best free logo maker apps to download on android smartphones, helps you creating the best logos for your business or clients.

Most of the logo maker and generators are easy to use and requires no fee when downloading and installing the free apk but if you feel we have skipped your best free logo maker app communicate with us via the comment box below. Enjoy!

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