Community Arrives On Samsung Members Platform

Community Arrives at Samsung Members Platform

In 2019, responding to the needs of its users, Samsung launched Samsung Members, a platform for customers to be in direct contact with experts from the brand and enjoy exclusive discounts, special promotions, raffles and tutorials, among many other contents.

Today, once again thinking about offering the best possible experience, the company incorporates into the Community application, an intuitive space with useful content, designed for Samsung lovers to interact with each other and with the brand.

In Community, experts, fans and other members of this app can create and co-create content about different products to make the most of their functions. In addition, contests will be generated, talking about the diverse and fascinating interests of consumers and, above all, inviting the same community to propose topics of conversation.

Along this path, this new meeting point for Samsung users will have different categories:
  • With Galaxy
  • Gaming
  • Care+
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Promotions
  • Galaxy Gallery
  • Tips & Tricks
Community Arrives at Samsung Members Platform and website

Users will not only be able to find interesting content and tips on these topics, but they will also be able to make inquiries, propose topics that they want to see in these sections in the future and interact with other people who have the same interests.

The launch is intended to give added value to Samsung consumers. As Technology cuts across many aspects of our lives and it is important to know how to fully capitalize on what it can provide us in our day to day lives. The Samsung Members application allows you to enhance the Samsung experience among users and their products.

It also allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts, special promotions, competitions, invitations to events and content such as “Tips & Tricks”. Now, we would also have the possibility to learn more about how Samsung’s innovation can make our lives easier, you can raise topics, chat with experts and participate in different events designed for the users. It is an interactive space that reflects the spirit of its name: Community.

Samsung Members is pre-installed on all company smartphones manufactured from 2017 and can be downloaded here

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