Top 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile For Downloads

The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

When it comes to gaming, for a large number of people, their favorite kind of game is the open world genre. Where the player is given the liberty to roam around freely, whenever and however. Sometimes with a vehicle, horse, bike or somewhat other mode of transport.

For the Android devices, we've only known a few developers who have decided to update the android games store with a few open world games that we know and love today.

But there's so many of them out there to choose from. Which is why we've combined this list of the best open world games on Android mobile.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Arguable the best known open world game ever made. GTA series are well known for being free to play, huge open world and very addictive gameplay. Somewhere around the fall of 2013, Rockstar decided to grace the mobile platform with the release of GTA San Andreas on the Google PlayStore.

San Andreas being one of the most successful GTA games on the console and PC platform also became a success on mobile as well. Offering 100% similarly in terms of gameplay, missions, storyline with that of the console and PC version.

The best part was that it was optimized to run on the smallest of Android devices, which made things better for even the low end Android mobile users. There was also GTA III, GTA Liberty stories, GTA Chinatown wars and GTA Vice city. Which were also a huge success on the android mobile platform.

Rockstar games are arguably the best when it comes to open world gameplay. And all GTA series on Android mobile are some of the best open world games you'll play on mobile.

You can download all Rockstar games on mobile from the Google PlayStore.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Step into a unique world of wonders and unknown creatures as a bounty Hunter. Odd world stranger's wrath is an open world android game from developers ODDWORLD INHABITANT INC. After it's release in 2014, odd world took a while to gain the attention of Android mobile game player as Rockstar games were literally topping the list in terms of open world games on android mobile.

But awhile after, odd world became the #3rd most installed game on the Google PlayStore. Having an astounding 5/5 rating from touch arcade and other well known gaming sites. Odd world offers a whole unique world to explore. Which is also in its name, ODD WORLD. It's an odd world without cars, bikes and horses.

In this game, the player is able to run on tow limbs, and if you want to go even faster, you can run on all four Yep. Like a cat. Stranger isn't human, he's something else, which you'll discover as you play. The game offers thrilling story filled with explosive action and crazy enemies to battle.

Download Odd World: Strange's Wrath  Here.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

This game takes you way back into ancient China. When the art of Kung Fu was worshiped and seen as a form of great power. Jade empire offers a wide and deep open world to explore tirelessly. And while you're at it, you can pick up side missions, converse with pedestrians and get to know other people.

Choose your hero, master their fighting skills, learn the ways of your master, then find your own way. Jade empire also delivers one of the most captivating storylines ever seen on an Android mobile game. Tons of locations to explore, different abilities and fighting skills at your disposal. Interesting puzzles, day and night whether change and many more.

For some reason this game has been taken off the Google PlayStore after just being online for about a year but you can find it on the best websites to download paid and free android games.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Am absolutely incredible android game. This game offers an exceptional storyline that might leave you in tears, surprised, or even amazed. For many, this game is the best open world game they've ever got their hands on. Unlike the GTA series where you roam around in cars and shoot unending enemies, brothers: tale of two sons is something entirely different.

For the first time on Android mobile, you can take control of two protagonists at the same time. Control two brothers on an adventure filled with all sorts of dangers, creatures such as giant birds, actual giants, spirits and so much more. Solve riddles, work together as brothers and emerge successful to save your dying father.

Brothers: A tale of two sons is not entirely an open world game. But it does offer a certain range of roaming for it's player to explore the lands as part of their adventure.

You can download Brothers Tale Of Two Sons Here.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Six guns gives you a feel of red dead redemption on Android mobile. Developed by Gameloft, six guns is an open world game where you play as a cowboy who tries to discover and find out the truth about his wife's sudden disappearance from the town.

Six guns offers a wide enough world to explore and offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from. As a cowboy, your ride are horses. Lots of horses to choose from and roam around in towns that have either been taken over by bandits or possessed by witches.

Explore unique location, take on tough bosses and above all, experience an incredibly adventure on the wild coast.

You can download six guns for free on the Google PlayStore.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

This is an interesting survival open world android game. When the world has been overrun by zombies, you aim to stay alive by surviving hordes of angry zombies and tough bosses. Life after is an online game, which means you cross paths with other players as you play. When on a mission you can ask for help from other players.

Craft weapons, build your sanctuary, train, feed and play with your pet. Find other survivors, make friends, chop down trees, go hunting for some food, do as much as you can to build up your strength and prepare for what comes at night.

Life after offers a rather limited world to explore but it does offer the open world experience. Combined with an amazing graphics to spice up your gameplay, with great whether conditions and many more.

Download After Life for android Here.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Ready to dive into a life of crime? Then head to Vegas and set it ablaze. Gangstar Vegas is arguably the best open world game from Gameloft so far from the developers collection of open world games. Vegas offers pretty much anything you'd want to have in an open world game in Las Vegas.

Crazy cars, insane weapons to choose from, exotic vehicles, monster trucks as well as alien ships, helicopters, planes and many more tons of vehicles to choose from in the for of Vegas. The story of Vegas is quite a short one and doesn't really push the player to the limit like some open world games do.

But nevertheless it's still a great open world game and one of the best on the Android mobile platform.

You can download Gangstar Vegas for free from the Google playstore.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Arguably one of the best RPG games on Android which also happens to take place deep inside an enchanted land, filled with monsters, Witches, fairies, mermaids and other magical creatures.

In this game you play as a hero who is forced to wanted into the forest to try and save the town from a great evil that had rose up to cause havoc and suffering. You then undergo on an unforgettable adventure that takes you deep into the forest where you'll meet friends, enemies, monsters and so on.

The hero also possesses certain special abilities of his own, such as magical powers, pets with magical powers, and many more. RAVENSWORD is one of the best open world games out there. It brings a limited but wide enough world yo explore with lost of encounters.

Download  Ravensword for free  Here.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

If you're familiar with the Assassin Creed franchise then you're going to love playing identity on the Android mobile platform. Assassin Creed identity may not be as good looking or enriched with top notch visuals like Assassin Creed console versions, but it does offer a few similarities.

Be an Assassin, sneak begin enemies and end them. Take on missions, use disguises, blend in to avoid being spotted. Perform stunts and exquisite fighting skills and take out your enemies. Climb walls, roam around town and get the feel of being an Assassin.

Download Assassin Creed Identity Here.


The 10 Best Open World Games On Android Mobile

Perhaps the best open world on Android mobile in terms of superhero games. Gameloft did an astonishing job by bringing a really upgraded and improved version of your friendly neighborhood Spider-man to the palm of our hands and for completely free.

Explore New York City and take on bad buy, save those in need, battle villains and try not to get killed. Perform insane skills and combos, combined with a realistic web slinging. Also choose different suits to fight. The amazing spider Man 2 is definitely one of the best open world games you'll play on Android mobile. Currently the amazing spider Man is not available for download at the Google play store, but you can find it at other alternative websites to Google Playstore.

That's it from us for the best open world games on Android mobile. There are indeed lots of interesting open world games out there that we may not have mentioned. But the above mentioned are definitely the most popular and some of the best out there.

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Still think we left something out? Leave us a comment of the open world game you believe should've been listed.

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