Best Streaming Service For Kids In 2023


The internet is now an integral part of modern man’s day. Its influence is so great that it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it. This is because the Internet offers a range of options to choose from.

Versatility of the Internet

Virtually everything can be done online, be it shopping, working, banking processes, virtual meetings, education, and entertainment. Essentially, the Internet provides an avenue for people of all ages around the world to get things done.

Every day, more children are introduced to the internet, as the imposed lockdowns in several countries around the world saw schools resort to e-learning channels to educate the students. After a day of work, everyone loves to kick back and relax with something entertaining, kids inclusive.

For Gen Z and Gen X, entertainment as kids meant playing with peers until their favorite TV show began airing on Cable TV channels such as Cartoon Network, Boom, and Nicktoons. Luckily, for kids of this generation, they do not have to suffer such limitations – thanks to online streaming.

Several online streaming platforms now have movies and all seasons of kid’s shows available for download and streaming. This enables parents to subscribe and create a personalized kids’ profile for the child. 

Available Streaming Platforms Today

The following are options to consider when selecting a streaming platform to accommodate kids and adults alike:

Netflix – although it is not quite popular for its kid’s content, it is the biggest and most popular streaming service in the world. Available in about 200 countries, it is more likely to be available in your region than in others.

Disney Plus – Owned by the Walter Disney company, Disney plus is renowned for being the most kid-friendly, especially since the company produces original kid content for broadcast on the streaming platform as well as the cable channel.

Sling TV – has the most number of kids shows for any streaming service, but is unfortunately limited to only users in the USA. Despite this restriction, people outside America can enjoy the benefits of sling TV by downloading a VPN.

To access sling TV, the user would have to connect to a VPN server location that corresponds to any region within the USA, tricking the platform’s server and granting you access.

Hulu – this platform is one of the oldest streaming options available. It has the perfect balance of kids and adult shows in its catalog, making it the best choice for a family.

Although the benefits of the internet are immense, we cannot disregard the fact that there is a lot of ugly stuff on it as well. Some of the content on the internet is not suitable for a child’s viewing, and the children must be protected from them.

Protecting Your Kids from the Horrors of the Internet

The below tips can be employed by a parent/guardian whose child/ward uses the internet actively:

Parental Control – Devices like smart TVs that can access the internet have parental control settings installed in them. Any adult with young ones must restrict channels that display 18+ content like violent and pornographic scenes in the movie. This action ensures that the child will be locked out from these programs in your absence.

Kids’ mode – Smartphones and Tablets that children use for e-learning purposes come with kid’s mode in-built. Putting Kid’s mode as the default setting on these devices restricts the child from adult sites, and limits their download options to kid-friendly games.

Proper Monitoring – Despite using the above tricks, parents should also ensure that they keep track of what the child is viewing. Tips like checking browsing history or ensuring the screen of the device are within the line of sight to ensure the child is not viewing adult-rated sites are advisable.

Education – the adult has to teach the child what is right and wrong so that they do not get confused should he/she come across wrong information and racist/hate speeches.

The parent should also build up a level of trust so the child feels comfortable coming to talk about anything he/she is unclear on.


These tips are pretty extensive but are very important as statistics show that one in every five children has been exposed to dangerous content online.

Constant exposure to such things may have adverse effects on the mental health and development of a child, which is why it is important to keep the child within age-appropriate viewing.

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