Opay Vs Owealth: Differences Between Opay And Owealth

Are you confused between Opay and Owealth and can't decide which one to choose? Well, you're not alone! Many people are facing the same dilemma as both Opay and Owealth offer different features and benefits.

Opay and Owealth are two different financial services offered by the same company. Opay is a fintech platform that offers digital payment solutions, whilst Owealth is an investment platform with a variety of investment possibilities. Both systems offer advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two is based on individual needs and tastes.

To assist you with making an informed selection, we will examine the distinctions between Opay and Owealth in this article.

What is Opay?

OPay is a mobile-based platform that offers payments, transfers, loans, savings, and other vital offerings to everyone. OPay currently has approximately 30 million registered app users and 500,000 agents in Nigeria who use OPay's services to send and receive money, pay bills, and many other things.

OPay Digital Services Limited is a subsidiary of the Opera Norway AS Group, with operations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, including Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan.

What is Owealth?

OWealth is a savings and investment platform incorporated into the OPay App that allows you to save a portion or all of your OPay fund and receive daily interest. The yearly interest rate is fixed at 15%, which is more appealing than the 6% offered by any Nigerian bank.

Investors can save any amount of money via the OWealth investing avenue. You can stay for the entire year or withdraw your money at any point. This post will be very valuable to investors because it breaks down everything you need to know about OWealth (an investment plan by OPay) in depth.

Features of Opay and Owealth

Opay and Owealth is a subsidiary of the Opera Norway AS Group, with operations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, including Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan. While Opay provides digital payment solutions, Owealth offers various investment options. Here are some of the features of Opay and Owealth:

Features of Opay

Digital payment solutions: Opay offers various digital payment solutions, such as money transfer, airtime recharge, and bill payments. These services are convenient and can be accessed from the Opay mobile app or website.

Mobile wallet: Opay has a mobile wallet, which can be used for transactions at various merchants, including supermarkets, restaurants, and online stores. Users can also use the mobile wallet to send and receive money.

Multiple payment options: Opay supports multiple payment options, such as debit cards, bank transfers, and USSD codes. This makes it easy for users to make payments using their preferred method.

Referral program: Opay has a referral program, where users can earn cash rewards by referring friends and family to the platform.

Customer support: Opay has a customer support team that can be contacted via phone, email, or social media. The team is available 24/7 to help users with their queries and issues.

Features of Owealth

Investment options: Owealth offers various investment options, such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, and stocks. Users can choose the investment option that suits their needs and risk appetite.

Savings platform: Owealth has a savings platform, where users can save money and earn interest. The savings platform offers competitive interest rates and allows users to withdraw their money anytime.

Expert advice: Owealth provides expert advice to its users to help them make informed investment decisions. Users can also access research reports and market insights to stay updated on the latest trends and developments.

Diversification: Owealth offers a diversified portfolio of investment options, which helps to spread the risk and minimize the impact of market volatility.

User-friendly interface: Owealth has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for users to navigate and access various features. The platform is also accessible via mobile app and website.

The key difference between Opay and Owealth

After going over the main features of Opay and Owealth, let's explore the key differences between the two platforms:

Services offered: The primary distinction between Opay and Owealth is in the services that each entity provides to its customers. While Owealth is primarily concerned with financial investments, Opay is a digital payment solution provider.

Investment options: Although Opay does not provide alternatives for investments, Owealth does, and these include fixed deposits, mutual funds, and stocks, among other investment vehicles. Because of this, Owealth is an excellent choice for anyone who wish to get returns on their investments while also investing their money.

Risk: Opay transactions carry a low level of risk; however, investments in Owealth are susceptible to the risk of the market. This indicates that the value of the investment may shift depending on how the market is performing at the time.

Customer support: Although both platforms offer customer help in some form or another, the support offered by each platform is distinct.

 Opay is a company that provides customer assistance for digital payment systems, while Owealth is a company that provides customer care for questions and concerns relating to investments.

Purpose: The purpose of Opay is to facilitate day-to-day financial transactions, whereas the objective of Owealth is to facilitate long-term investment objectives. This indicates that the two platforms cater to different requirements and objectives in their respective communities.


Can I use Opay and Owealth together?

Yes, you can use both platforms together. For example, you can use Opay to transfer money to your Owealth account for investment purposes.

Are Opay transactions secure?

Yes, Opay transactions are secure. The platform uses encryption technology to protect users' personal and financial information.

Can I withdraw my money from Owealth anytime?

Yes, you can withdraw your money from Owealth anytime, subject to certain conditions and fees.

Which bank owns OPay?

OPay was created in 2018 by Opera Norway AS Group, which is controlled by Shenzhen-listed Kunlun Tech Co., Ltd.

Can I withdraw my trial cash on OPay?

Only the interest gained on trial cash can be withdrawn; the trial cash cannot be withdrawn or used to make payments. 

How much can I receive in my OPay account at once?

As an OPay merchant, you can receive up to 5 million Naira every day. 

What is the maximum withdrawal from OPay?

Cash withdrawals from ATMs and POS machines are limited to N500,000 per week.

How much can an OPay account hold?

Opay may hold an unlimited quantity of money. 


In conclusion, Opay and Owealth are subsidiaries of the Opera Norway AS Group. This group has activities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, including Mexico, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan. Opay and Owealth are also known as Opay and Owealth. While Opay offers choices for digital payments, Owealth gives investors a wide range of investment opportunities.

There are a few areas in which the two platforms are comparable, such as their customer service and their accessibility via mobile devices. However, there are a few key areas in which they are not comparable, including risk and purpose. Before you use any of these platforms to meet your financial goals, it is essential for you to have a solid understanding of the capabilities and distinctions offered by each one.

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