How Do You Block Your Bank Account When Your Phone Is Stolen?

Losing or having your phone or wallet stolen can be a terrifying experience, especially if your phone number is linked to your bank account. The fear of illegal access to your finances and personal information can be overwhelming.

In such cases, immediate action is required to protect your financial security. To prevent unauthorized transactions and protect your sensitive information, the first step is to block your bank account. 

Imagine the distress of realizing your phone is gone, not only due to the loss of a valuable device but also the potential financial consequences. If a thief gains access to your phone, they could potentially access your bank account information and make fraudulent transactions, leaving you scrambling to protect your hard-earned money.

This post will delve into how to block your bank account when your phone is stolen.

How Do You Block Your Bank Account When Your Phone Is Stolen?

The first crucial step is reaching out to your mobile network provider's customer support and requesting the immediate suspension of your line. If feasible, visit your bank during operating hours to promptly resolve any challenges.

If internet access is unavailable or your bank's branch is closed, contact Customer Service and provide your bank account details. Simultaneously, disable your ATM through your online banking account. Utilize any available phone to dial the bank code and follow the provided instructions.

In cases of a stolen phone or suspected fraudulent activity, you can prevent debit transactions on your bank account through your mobile phone. Dial the bank code and await instructions. You'll be prompted to input your account number and name, effectively halting any unauthorized debit requests.

Depending on your bank, the process to block your account may differ. Refer to the bank codes or USSD codes listed below for specific instructions:

First Bank: Send "BLOCK" to 30012 via a text message.

Zenith Bank: Dial #966*911#.

GTBank: Dial *737*51*10#

Union Bank: Send "BLOCK CARD NUBAN" to 20123 via text message.

UBA: Dial *919*10#

FCMB: Call + 2342798800.

Access Bank: Call +23412802500.

Wema Bank: Call 08039003700.

Polaris Bank: Call +2341270850.

IBTC: Dial *909#.

Fidelity Bank: Dial *770*91*1#.

Keystone Bank: Call 23470020003000.

Sterling Bank: Call 070078378464.

Ecobank: Send "STOP ATM [Your Account Number]" to 0806326226 via text message.

Taking swift action using these methods ensures the protection of your bank account in scenarios involving a stolen phone or suspected fraudulent activities.

How to Disable Your SIM Card

Using IMEI:

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) serves as a unique identification number for your phone and can be located in the phone settings packet.

In the unfortunate event of a stolen phone, the initial step is to report the incident at the nearest police station. Subsequently, bring the police report and your ID card to your service provider. Your service provider will then proceed to block both the phone and the associated SIM card.

Even if you happen to forget the phone's IMEI number, it is still possible to block both the phone and SIM card. Simply contact your service provider and request the block on your line. During this process, you'll be asked to provide your ID and answer a series of questions to confirm your status as the rightful owner of the phone.

By following these procedures, you can effectively disable your SIM card in cases of theft or loss, ensuring the security of your personal information and preventing unauthorized use.


What is the most important step to take if your phone is stolen and linked to your bank account?

The most important step is to act quickly to protect your financial security. Immediately contact your bank and request that they block your account to prevent unauthorized transactions.

How can I block my bank account from another phone?

You can block your bank account from another phone by calling your bank's customer service number or using their online banking platform. You will need to provide your account details and verify your identity.

How do I block mobile banking if I lost my phone?

Contact the customer service of your relevant telecom service provider to report the theft and request the deactivation of your mobile number. Blocking the SIM card will also secure every application on the phone that relies on One-Time Passwords (OTPs).

How do I block my access bank account from another phone?

To block your Access Bank account from a different phone, follow these steps:

Dial *901*911#

Choose Option 2 (Block Account)

Select 'Third party'

Input the phone number linked to your account(s)

Select the specific account you wish to block (you can choose one or all of them)

Enter your USSD PIN.

How can I block my first bank account if I lost my phone?

Reach out to them via the following contact numbers: 0700-34778-2668228, 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000. Alternatively, you can contact their first point of contact at [email protected]. By using this information, you can promptly and effectively block your ATM or phone.

How do I block my GTB account if my phone is stolen?

Just dial *737*51*74# from any mobile number in Nigeria to secure your account at no cost.

What is the code for GTB?

To transfer funds to a GTBank account, dial *737*1*Amount#, and for transfers to other banks, dial *737*2*Amount#. Pay bills directly from your GTBank account by dialing *737*32*Amount*smartcardnumber#. Purchase airtime with ease by dialing *737*Amount# from your GTBank account. Instantly open a GTBank account by dialing *737*0#.


Losing your phone can be a frustrating experience, but it's important to act quickly to protect your financial security. By following these steps and implementing preventative measures, you can minimize the risk of unauthorized activity on your bank account.

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