Top 20 Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

With their experience and extensive networks, recruitment firms have emerged as crucial partners for businesses wanting to bridge the gap between job searchers and employers. However, with so many employment firms fighting for your attention, choosing the correct one can be difficult.

To assist you in deciphering these obstacles, we've generated a thorough list of Nigeria's top 20 recruitment firms, rigorously chosen based on characteristics such as industry reputation, customer happiness, and track record of success. 

Top 20 Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

Here are the Top 20 Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

Jobzilla Nigeria (

Jobzilla Nigeria, with its comprehensive database and reputation for efficiency, secures a third spot on our list. This agency's consistent delivery of quality services makes it a preferred choice for both employers and job seekers in the competitive Nigerian job market.

Hamilton Lloyd & Associates

Hamilton Lloyd & Associates is a leading executive search firm with a proven track record of placing senior-level professionals across diverse industries in Nigeria. They are renowned for their personalized approach, utilizing in-depth candidate assessments and industry-specific knowledge to match clients with the perfect candidates.

Michael Stevens Consulting

Michael Stevens Consulting is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in the placement of middle to senior-level professionals in the oil and gas, telecommunications, and financial services sectors. They are known for their rigorous candidate selection process and their commitment to building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Phillips Consulting

Offering services in Recruitment, Information Systems, Corporate Finance, Business Alliances, and more, Phillips Consulting is a leading player in the industry. You can find them on the 4th Floor, UBA House, 57 Marina, Lagos. Contact them at +234 1 266 5469, 266 5363, or fax +234 1 266 5325. Explore their comprehensive services on their website:

Workforce Group

Workforce Group is a leading provider of temporary and permanent staffing solutions across a wide spectrum of industries. They have a vast network of qualified candidates and a proven track record of meeting the diverse staffing needs of their clients.

Pandora Services

Pandora Services, situated at Super Plaza Akerele Street Surulere Lagos, offers diverse services to meet your business needs. Contact them at +234 1 5834119, 830840 for more information.

BBC Consulting Limited

BBC Consulting Limited operates at the intersection of Management Consulting, Manpower Training, E-business Support Services, and Publishing. Located at Charter House, 199, Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro Lagos, you can reach them via phone at +234 1 4977941-4. For more information about their services, visit their website:

Change Management Associates Limited

For professional services in Change Management, Change Management Associates Limited is a go-to choice. You can find them at Societe Bancaire Building (2nd Fl), Plot 1683, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Reach out to them by phone at +234 1 618177-8, 2625059.

People Temp Recruiting

As a Temporary Placement Agency, People Temp Recruiting is committed to connecting employers with temporary staff. Visit them at 56B Isaac John Street, GRA Ikeja Lagos, or contact them at +234 1 7911639, 4960569. Explore their services further on their website:

PG Consulting

PG Consulting, located at 79, Bode Thomas Street Surulere Lagos, specializes in various consulting services. Reach them by phone at +234 1 4702309, 5851614, or fax them at 01-5847730. Learn more about their offerings by visiting their website:

Proten International

Proten International is a specialized recruitment firm focused on the placement of IT and engineering professionals. They have a deep understanding of the technical skills and competencies required for these roles, ensuring that clients are matched with the most suitable candidates.

Ng Careers

Ng Careers is not just a recruitment agency; it's a career development hub. With a focus on connecting professionals with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations, Ng Careers is your partner in achieving career excellence.

Bizarch Consulting

Bizarch Consulting is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in the placement of senior-level professionals in the banking, insurance, and FMCG industries. They are known for their deep industry knowledge and their ability to identify and attract top talent.

Dominion Consulting

Dominion Consulting is a full-service HR consultancy offering a range of services, including recruitment, outsourcing, and HR advisory. They have a strong track record of helping organizations develop and implement effective HR strategies.


HR-ANALYTICA is a data-driven recruitment firm that utilizes analytics to identify and attract top talent. They have a team of experienced data analysts and recruiters who work together to provide clients with insights and actionable recommendations.

12. Mani Recruits & Training Ltd.

Mani Recruits & Training Ltd. is a specialized recruitment firm focused on the placement of professionals in the oil and gas, telecommunications, and IT industries. They offer a unique combination of recruitment and training services, providing clients with a comprehensive talent management solution.


JobMag is an online recruitment platform that connects job seekers with potential employers. They have a vast database of job postings and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for candidates to find and apply for relevant jobs.

25th & Staffing

25th & Staffing is a recruitment agency specializing in the placement of professionals in the finance, accounting, and administrative industries. They are known for their strong network of candidates and their ability to understand and match the specific needs of clients.

Career Junction

Career Junction is a leading recruitment agency with a strong presence in the education and healthcare sectors. Their team of consultants possesses specialized knowledge of these industries, ensuring they connect organizations with the right talent.

Prime Atlantic Consulting

Prime Atlantic Consulting is a boutique recruitment agency focused on the placement of senior-level executives in the oil and gas industry. Their consultants have a proven track record of identifying and recruiting top talent for leadership roles.

Excel Personnel Services

Excel Personnel Services is a full-service recruitment agency offering a range of services, including executive search, mid-level recruitment, and temporary staffing. Their extensive network of contacts enables them to find the right talent for a wide range of industries.


What is a recruitment agency?

A recruitment agency is a company that specializes in matching job seekers with employers. They typically have a network of contacts in various industries and can help you find the right job for your skills and experience.

How do recruitment agencies work?

When a business has an open position, they will typically contact a recruitment agency. The agency will then work with the business to understand the specific requirements of the position. The agency will then search their database of candidates and identify potential matches. The agency will then screen these candidates and present the best candidates to the business for interviews.

How much do recruitment agencies charge?

Recruitment agencies charge a fee based on a percentage of the successful candidate's first year's salary. The fee is usually between 15% and 25%.


In conclusion, recruitment agencies play a vital role in the Nigerian job market, connecting job seekers with employers and facilitating the hiring process. With their expertise, networks, and resources, these agencies can help businesses find the right talent to meet their specific needs and achieve their organizational goals.

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