How To Get Kuda Bank Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

Kuda isn't actually a bank in the traditional sense, but rather a fintech company offering a mobile-first banking experience. Think of it as a sleek and modern alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Kuda operates through a user-friendly app that lets you manage your finances entirely from your phone. No more dealing with long queues or confusing paperwork!

While not a full-fledged bank, Kuda is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a microfinance bank, ensuring your money is safe and secure.

You get a free virtual debit card instantly, and a physical card can be ordered within the app and delivered to your doorstep. You'll also have a unique account number for sending and receiving money.

Kuda shines with its free money transfers to other banks (up to 25 per month) and zero account maintenance charges. They believe in transparent and affordable banking.

Kuda also takes security seriously, with data encryption and fraud monitoring keeping your money safe. They also have a responsive customer service team to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Kuda's debit card has established itself as a significant participant in Nigeria's financial environment, providing an array of benefits that are rarely encountered with traditional banking cards. In an industry dominated by technological advancements, where numerous institutions (including Kuda Bank) have introduced new processes to the nation's financial sector, this payment card distinguishes itself.

This blog post will delve into how to get kuda bank atm card, debit card and account number.

Benefits of Having the Kuda Bank Atm Card

The Kuda Bank ATM card enables quick and easy transactions for purchases, withdrawals, and other financial operations.

The Kuda ATM card provides 24/7 access to cash, allowing users to conduct transactions at any time through ATMs and POS terminals.

Kuda's ATM card enables secure online transactions on multiple e-commerce platforms, leading to seamless online and offline payments. Also supports offline payments at actual stores.

Kuda's ATM card offers international freedom for transactions and currency withdrawals.

The card has strong security features to protect users' funds and transactions. PIN protection, transaction notifications, and card blocking are security measures.

Kuda's ATM card enables users to withdraw cash from a vast network of ATMs, ensuring easy access to funds when needed.

Essential Requirements for Ordering Your Card Online

Before initiating the process of ordering your card online, ensure you have the following:

Minimum balance in the account: Have at least N1000 in your account. This amount serves as a security measure to make sure your account works. It won't be taken away for any reason.

Correct Customer Contact Information:    Provide accurate and up-to-date phone numbers and addresses during the ordering process. Make sure that the information you give can be accessed for at least three weeks after the application. This information will help the dispatch rider get in touch with you and bring the card to the address you give them.

With these things in place, you should be able to easily order your card online, making sure the process goes quickly.

How To Get Kuda Bank Atm Card, Debit Card and Account Number

Kuda Bank, recognized as the bank of freedom, is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and provides its users with free debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and virtual). 

How to Request a Kuda Debit Card

  1. Ensure your Kuda account has a minimum of 1000 naira (this amount won't be debited).
  2. Sign in to your Kuda account or log in if you are not already logged in.
  3. Tap on "Cards" at the bottom of your dashboard.
  4. Select "Request a Card."
  5. Choose your preferred type of card (virtual or physical). For a physical card, select "Physical Card."
  6. Fill in your delivery address, which can be your home or office address—ensure it is an address where you can receive your card.
  7. Confirm your phone number.
  8. Enter the name you want printed on your card.
  9. Confirm your delivery details.
  10. To change your card PIN, visit any Zenith bank ATM at your convenience.

How to Activate Your Kuda Bank Debit Card

  1. Open your browser and visit Input your login details (username and password).
  2. Tap on "Cards" at the top of the page.
  3. From the options, select "Activate Card."
  4. Your Kuda Bank debit card will be activated immediately, allowing you to enjoy its benefits seamlessly.

Getting a Virtual Kuda Visa Card

A virtual Kuda Visa Card is a digital counterpart to the physical Kuda Visa Card, exclusively designed for online transactions in naira. Here's how you can request and obtain your virtual card:

Steps to Request a Virtual Kuda Visa Card:

  1. Open your Kuda app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the "Cards" section.
  3. Tap on "Request A Card."
  4. Select "Get A Virtual Card."
  5. Confirm your request by entering your transaction PIN, using your fingerprint, or utilizing Face ID.
  6. Set up your card PIN.
  7. Submit your request for the virtual card.

By following these straightforward steps, you can get your virtual Kuda Visa Card, tailored for secure and convenient online naira transactions. Please note that the virtual card is digital, enabling its usage exclusively for online transactions.

How To Get Kuda Bank Account Number

  1. Download the free, easy-to-use Kuda app from your app store to become your financial partner.
  2. Register, Verify:
  3. Launch the app and register easily. Include your phone number and email. Use your BVN for quick and easy identification verification for extra security.
  4. Shows Account Number:
  5. After verification, Your  Kuda bank account number will be visible in the app. Remember to write it down or take a snapshot because it usually comprises of numbers and letters.


How do I set daily spending limits for my Kuda card?

Setting limits is easy! After activating your card:

  1. Open the Kuda app and tap "Cards."
  2. Tap "Manage Card" then "Manage Channels."
  3. Choose "POS," "ATM," or "Online Payments."
  4. Slide the toggle to set your desired daily limit for that channel.
  5. Tap "Save."

How do I change my card PIN?

No problem! Just:

  1. Open the Kuda app and go to the "Card" section.
  2. Select "Change PIN."
  3. Enter your current PIN and your desired new PIN twice.
  4. Remember, your first transaction after changing your PIN should be at an ATM.

Will I pay a card maintenance fee?

Nope! Kuda doesn't charge card maintenance fees. Enjoy fee-free banking!

Can I make free ATM withdrawals?

Absolutely! You get three free ATM withdrawals per month across Nigeria.

What happens after my free withdrawals?

After your three free withdrawals, standard ATM fees of 35 naira per withdrawal will apply for the rest of the month.

Do I need to pay for a replacement card?

There is a 1,000 naira charge for replacement cards.

What are the daily limits for my physical card?

  1. ATMs: ₦20,000
  2. POS terminals: ₦2 million
  3. Online: ₦1 million

What about the virtual card limit?

The virtual Kuda Visa card has a daily spending limit of ₦1 million.


Kuda is more than just a bank account or a debit card. It's a new way to handle money that you can carry around with you. It's getting rid of the old ways of banking and welcoming the future, which promises ease of use, openness, and a lot of financial freedom.

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