List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

Loan Apps are mobile applications that allow users to apply for and receive loans directly from their smartphones or other mobile devices. They offer a convenient and often faster alternative to traditional banks and credit unions, providing access to quick funds for various needs like unexpected expenses, emergencies, or even small business ventures.

Imagine you need a quick loan to pay for something that came up out of the blue. You get a loan app because it can give you cash right away. But before you know it, your phone is full of calls and texts from people you know—not you! It is becoming more and more of a problem that loan apps are harassing your friends to get you to pay back the loan. This is scary and wrong.

It's important to know which loan apps do this annoying and potentially damaging behavior before you even think about using one. 

This blog post will delve into the List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts.

List of Loan Apps That Call Contacts and Send Messages to Contacts

List of Loan Apps with a History of Contact Harassment:

  1. ICoin: This app has been linked to numerous reports of aggressive contact harassment, with users reporting threatening messages and public shaming tactics.
  2. Sokoloan: Another notorious app notorious for sending derogatory messages to contacts, even including false claims about loan defaults.
  3. LionCash: This app has faced criticism for its unethical practices, which include bombarding contacts with calls and messages urging them to pressure the borrower into repayment.
  4. CashLion: Similar to LionCash, CashLion utilizes aggressive tactics, including contacting employers and sharing personal information with others.
  5. Okash: This app has received complaints about its intrusive contact practices, with users reporting relentless calls and messages that can damage their relationships.
  6. EasyCredit: This app has been accused of using abusive language and threats when contacting borrowers' friends and family.
  7. LCredit: LCredit is a big player in the Nigerian loan business that helps people get loans quickly. Keep in mind that LCredit may get in touch with your coworkers during the loan application process. The aim of this contact is to confirm your identity and check your creditworthiness.
  8. Oxloan: This app has faced criticism for its deceptive practices, including misleading loan terms and harassing contacts.
  9. Ease Cash: This app has been linked to reports of contacting emergency contacts and sharing sensitive personal information.
  10. Xcredit: Another popular loan app in Nigeria that could get to your contact list is Xcredit. This access is used to put people in touch with possible lenders, and your references may be contacted for this reason.
  11. Nkash: Like other loan apps, Nkash gets in touch with your contacts for different causes. This could mean reporting loan terms that have been broken or telling your friends about the company's banking services. It makes sure that people borrow money responsibly. Also, if you don't pay back the loan on time, Nkash may start calling or texting people on your contacts list.

  12. ForNaira: ForNaira may need a guarantor for your loan as part of the loan clearance process. As part of this process, they may get in touch with your business partners to get their permission, which makes sure that the loans are paid back.
  13. Cashrain: Like other loan apps, Cashrain may call your contacts to make sure you are who you say you are and that the information on your loan application is correct.
  14. Speedy Choice: This app has been accused of sending threatening messages and contacting employers without permission.
  15. PalmCredit: PalmCredit, which is known for offering easy loans in Nigeria, will look at your contact list. The main reason for this action is to make sure that the information given during the loan application process is correct.
  16. KashKash: KashKash may use your contact list to promote its loan services and find people who might be interested in them. This could lead to calls you didn't ask for from people in your contacts list.
  17. FastMoney: This app has faced complaints about its relentless contact harassment, causing significant distress to borrowers and their contacts.
  18. GoCash: GoCash is known for helping people get loans quickly and easily. The app may, however, look at your contact list to make sure you are who you say you are and to check your reputation.
  19. GetCash: This app has been criticized for its unethical practices, including contacting employers and sharing private information about borrowers' financial struggles.

How to Protect Yourself from Contact Harassment

It's essential to take steps to protect yourself from loan apps that engage in this harmful practice.

  • Research before you borrow: Thoroughly research any loan app you consider using. Read online reviews, check their reputation, and see if they have been reported for contact harassment.
  • Be wary of intrusive permissions: Don't grant access to your contact list unless you understand why it's needed and trust the app.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully: Pay close attention to the fine print, especially regarding contact permissions and data collection practices.
  • Report any harassment: If you experience contact harassment, report it to the app immediately. You can also report the app to relevant authorities, such as consumer protection agencies or app stores.
  • Consider alternative options: Explore other loan options from reputable lenders who don't engage in unethical practices.


Can I refuse to grant contact access?

Yes, you can refuse to grant contact access. However, this might affect your loan application's success or limit your loan options.

Does Palmcredit send messages to contact?

Yes, Palmcredit may send messages to your contacts if you default on your loan. However, they are required to obtain your consent before accessing your contact list.

Can a loan app have access to all my contacts?

It depends on the app and your device permissions. Some loan apps request access to your entire contact list, while others only require access to specific contacts (such as emergency contacts).

Does FairMoney call your contacts?

FairMoney places a high value on your privacy and ensures that it does not initiate calls to your contacts without obtaining your explicit permission. Your consent is a priority, reflecting FairMoney's commitment to respecting user privacy.

Does MIGO loan send messages to contacts?

Yes, MIGO loan may send messages to your contacts if you default on your loan. They may also send messages to your contacts as part of their promotional efforts.

Can loan app access my contact after uninstalling the app?

Once you uninstall a loan app, it should no longer have access to your contacts. However, it's possible that the app may have already stored your contact information before you uninstalled it.


Loan apps make it easy to get quick loans, but it's important to know about the bad things that could happen, especially if they get access to your contacts.

You can make smart choices and protect your privacy if you know how different loan apps use your contact information.

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