Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

NYSC, is the year of national service where you contribute your skills and knowledge to different communities across Nigeria. It's a time of personal growth, cultural exploration, and… let's be honest, sometimes a bit of financial strain. 

While dedicating yourself to serving your nation is the primary focus, the opportunity to earn additional income can significantly alleviate financial pressures and unlock avenues for personal and professional growth.

With this in mind, this article compiles a list of Profitable Internet Businesses for NYSC Youth Corpers to explore, providing an opportunity to earn extra income during the NYSC program.

It's important to note that the internet has become a valuable resource for those seeking to supplement their income. 

This blog post will delve into profitable internet businesses to do as a NYSC youth Corper to earn extra income during NYSC.

Benefits of Having Extra Income During NYSC

Earning extra income during your NYSC service year offers a multitude of benefits, both financial and personal. Here are some of the most significant advantages you can reap:

Here are Some Benefits:

  1. Increased financial security: The extra income can significantly boost your financial situation, allowing you to cover your basic needs, indulge in occasional treats, and save for future goals like higher education, starting a business, or travel.
  2. Reduced dependence on your allowance: This can provide a sense of financial independence and empower you to make your own financial decisions without relying solely on your monthly allowance.
  3. Investment opportunities: You can use the extra income to invest in stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments, which can help you build wealth over time and secure your financial future.
  4. Enhanced skills and experience: Building an online business or venturing into freelancing equips you with valuable skills such as time management, communication, marketing, and entrepreneurship. These skills are highly sought-after in the job market and can increase your employability after NYSC.
  5. Increased confidence and self-esteem: Successfully generating your own income boosts your confidence and self-belief, demonstrating your ability to be resourceful and financially independent.
  6. Network building: Engaging in online businesses allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs, clients, and professionals, helping you build valuable networks that can benefit you in your future career.
  7. Personal development: Running your own business requires you to be proactive, adaptable, and resilient. This process fosters personal growth and development, equipping you with valuable life skills that transcend the realm of business.
  8. Improved quality of life: Financial stability allows you to enjoy a better quality of life, afford experiences you otherwise wouldn't be able to, and contribute to your overall well-being.

Profitable Internet Businesses to Do as a NYSC Youth Corper to Earn Extra Income During NYSC

Here are profitable internet businesses to do as a NYSC Youth Corper to earn extra income during NYSC:

Starting a Blog

Should you want to make more money during your service year, blogging might be the way to go.

Imagine getting paid to tell everyone about your ideas, experiences, and skills.

It's pretty easy to start a blog, but it's important to remember that it won't make you rich fast.

Pick a topic that really interests you to begin with. It could be about your NYSC experience, fashion, travel, tech gadgets, your way of life, leisure, or anything else. Pick something that you're really interested in; that will keep your imagination going.

Once you've chosen your subject, make sure people can find you online. They will give your blog its own web address, or domain name, and a place to store it. You don't have to be tech-savvy to do this, so don't worry. Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Wix are easy to use and come with themes that can help you make your blog look good.

Now that your blog is ready, you can start writing.

Spend time writing blog posts that are interesting, useful, or even funny. Share your unique thoughts and experiences to keep people interested. Remember that maintaining a blog is important for getting money from it. People will keep coming back for more if you post new content often.

But how do you make money with those words? There are a few ways to make money:

  • Display Ads: Join an ad network like Google AdSense or, and they'll put ads on your blog. You'll get paid when someone clicks or sees your ad.
  • Use affiliate marketing to promote services or goods that are related to your field. You'll get paid a fee when people buy something through your special links.


Another profitable internet businesses to do as a NYSC Youth Corper to earn extra income during NYSC is Freelancing. You can connect with clients who are looking for skills in a wide variety of fields, including writing, editing, translation, graphic design, programming, and more, through platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. You should decide on your area of expertise, establish your pricing, and then begin establishing your portfolio of freelancing work.

App Development

A profitable way to make money online in Nigeria is to create apps, especially while you are doing your NYSC service.

App development is a very successful area, whether you already know how to code or really want to learn. Make mobile apps or software that fits specific needs, and you can sell them in app shops or through subscription services to make money.

Additionally, you can choose to work for a famous company, which could offer you a good salary that may even be higher than what you could have made with a college degree.

Online Photography

Online photography is getting more attention than ever in this digital world.

If you have a great eye for photography, you can buy good cameras, take beautiful pictures, and sell them online.

Websites that sell pictures, like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, are always looking for good pictures to meet their buyers' needs.

Web Development

Web development is an interesting internet business for NYSC corpers who can code and design. With businesses realizing the importance of a strong online presence, demand for competent web developers is rising.

Web developers can build websites for individuals, small enterprises, or even their own agencies. Your skills will be in demand whether you construct, redesign, or optimize websites for user experience.

Stay current on programming languages and web design trends to succeed in web development. A website with your earlier efforts showcases your portfolio. Find local and online clientele and provide competitive pricing.

Web development is a viable NYSC income source that helps you improve your technical abilities and gain digital business expertise. Start your web development project today using your coding skills and set the groundwork for success!

Content Writing

Do you have a knack for storytelling and a way with words? Content writing is a booming industry, and companies are constantly seeking talented writers to create engaging and informative content for their websites, blogs, and social media platforms. You can get clients from LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.

Social Media Management

You can help businesses and individuals establish a strong online presence by managing their social media accounts. Create engaging content, schedule posts, interact with followers, and analyze performance metrics to maximize their reach and engagement.


You can make extra money during your NYSC service year in a lot of different ways, such as by freelancing, becoming an app developer, content writing, or starting your own blog. By taking advantage of these chances, you can become financially independent, learn useful skills, and set yourself up for future success.

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