What to do when Loans Apps Send Messages to Your Contacts and Still Threaten You and Them

Imagine borrowing money to cover expenses, agreeing to the terms, and making payments diligently. But then, unexpected challenges arise, making it tough to repay the loan on time. This scenario is not uncommon, and it becomes a nightmare when the loan app starts using unfair tactics like harassing you and threatening your contacts.

This is more than just a made-up situation; many people have experienced the harsh consequences of loan apps resorting to unethical practices. They send scary messages, make threatening calls, and even bother your contacts, causing stress and damaging your reputation.

If you're going through this tough situation, it's important to know you have rights. This blog post will provide you all you need to know about What to do when Loans Apps Send Messages to Your Contacts and Still Threaten You and Them.

What to do when Loans Apps Send Messages to Your Contacts and Still Threaten You and Them

Here is What to do when Loans Apps Send Messages to Your Contacts and Still Threaten You and Them:

UnderstandYour Legal Rights

To deal with loan apps that resort to harassment, first, understand your rights as a borrower. Consumers in Nigeria are protected by law from aggressive debt collection activities. Investigate the applicable regulations in your area to find forbidden acts.

Examine the Loan Agreement

Examine the loan agreement you signed with the app carefully. Concentrate on communication and debt collection conditions. Check that the app complies with these conditions and does not break any agreements.

Record the Harassment

If you receive threatening texts, keep track of each one. Save text messages, record phone calls where legal, and capture screenshots. Keeping a record of their acts is critical if legal action is required.

App stores should be notified about the app.

The app shops have standards prohibiting apps from participating in harassing or threatening behavior. Consider reporting the lending app to the app store from whom you obtained it, along with evidence of their unethical actions. 

Contact the Loan App

To resolve the issue, contact the loan app's customer service. Explain your concerns calmly, asking them to stop contacting your contacts and issuing threats. Keep a record of this message for future reference.

Report the App

If the harassment continues, report the lending app to your local regulatory authorities. This measure protects not just you, but also others who may be subjected to similar acts.

Keep Your Contacts Safe

Inform your connections about the problem and advise them not to interact with the loan app or its staff. Warn children about the dangers of such apps and advise them to be cautious.

Protect Your Privacy

Be aware of the permissions you provide when downloading applications to prevent loan apps from accessing your contacts in the first place. Only provide access to services that are really necessary, and avoid revealing your contact list unless absolutely necessary.

Repay the Loan

It is important to make the repayment of the debt a priority in order to avoid future harassment. However, if the app engages in actions that are illegal or exploitative, you should not feel pressured to pay for it.


What constitutes loan app harassment?

Loan app harassment involves any communication intended to intimidate or threaten you into making payments. This includes:

  • Sending threatening or abusive messages
  • Making repeated calls at unreasonable hours
  • Contacting your family, friends, or colleagues without your consent
  • Sharing your personal information publicly

How do I report a loan app for harassment?

You can report a loan app to:

  • The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 
  • Police 
  • A consumer protection agency

What should I do if a loan app threatens my contacts?

If a loan app threatens your contacts, you should:

  • Inform your contacts about the situation.
  • Tell them to ignore any messages or calls from the loan app.
  • Report the loan app to the relevant authorities.

Is it illegal for loan apps to contact my contacts?

Yes, it is illegal for loan apps to contact your contacts without your consent. This is a violation of your privacy rights and can be considered harassment.

How to stop loan shark harassment? 

  • Contact the Police: Report loan shark harassment to the police. Provide detailed information about the harassment incidents.
  • Cut off all  Communication: Cut off all communication with the loan shark immediately. Avoid responding to messages or calls.
  • Legal Assistance: Seek legal help to manage any outstanding debts and handle the situation appropriately.
  • Debt Consolidation: Consider debt consolidation to gain better control over your finances. This approach can assist in managing multiple debts effectively.

How does the loan app access your contacts?

Loan apps typically request access to your contacts during the installation process. They may cite verification purposes or the need to find potential references. Exercise caution and only grant such access to apps you trust to protect your privacy and avoid potential harassment.

Can I sue the loan app?

Yes, you may be able to sue the loan app for harassment, threatening behavior, or other violations of your rights. Consulting a lawyer is recommended to determine your legal options.

Is debt consolidation a good option?

Debt consolidation can be a good option if you can secure a better interest rate and manageable repayment terms. However, be cautious and ensure you're not simply transferring your debt to another predatory lender.

What evidence should I gather?

Any evidence of the loan app's harassment or threats is crucial. This includes:

  • Recorded phone calls
  • Screenshots or saved copies of threatening messages
  • Dates and times of contact attempts
  • Any documentation of the loan agreement


It can be scary and stressful to deal with threats and abuse from loan apps. But it's important to keep in mind that you are not alone and that you have rights. You can deal with this problem and stay safe from predatory loan practices if you follow our tips above.

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