How To Check BVN Without Airtime, How To Get Bvn Number Without Going To Bank

BVN stands for Bank Verification Number. It is a unique 11-digit identifier assigned to individuals with bank accounts in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria introduced the BVN system as a security measure to enhance the safety of banking transactions and reduce fraudulent activities. Every bank customer is required to have a BVN, which serves as a biometric-based identification that links all their bank accounts, helping to create a more secure and transparent banking environment. 

The BVN is crucial for various financial activities, including opening new accounts, accessing loans, and conducting transactions. It provides an added layer of security by verifying the identity of account holders and is an integral part of the banking system in Nigeria.

In any case of discrepancies or issues related to an individual's accounts, BVN facilitates a quicker resolution. It provides a standardized reference point that helps banks trace and rectify errors or discrepancies in a more timely manner.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has mandated that all individuals with bank accounts must obtain a BVN. This regulatory requirement ensures that financial institutions comply with standardized practices and contributes to the overall stability and integrity of the banking system.

But how do you check BVN without airtime, how to get a BVN number without going to bank? Lets find out now.

How To Check BVN Without Airtime

Here are different ways on how to check BVN without airtime:

Using Online Banking Platforms

Have you checked your BVN using your bank's online platform? It's incredibly useful! First, sign in to your bank's website or app. Then look for the 'BVN' area, which is normally located in your profile or account details. Click on it, and your BVN will show up! There is no need for airtime at all. Just make sure your internet is turned on. 

Go to your nearest bank branch.

You can check your BVN without using airtime by visiting any bank account you have. Remember that your biometric information was gathered during the BVN registration process. To get your BVN from your bank, simply present a valid government-issued ID and request it. Banks accept passports, driver's licenses, national identity cards, and voter's cards as forms of identification. After confirming your identity, you will be requested to place your fingers on a biometric fingerprint reader. You may be asked to place your fingers on the gadget one by one. Your BVN will be given if everything matches out.

NIBSS BVN Lookup Tool.

Another excellent choice is the NIBSS BVN Lookup Tool. The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System provides this online application, which makes it extremely dependable. To us it, go to the NIBSS BVN Lookup page and enter your information as required. Your BVN will be shown. It's a safe and official way to obtain your BVN without using airtime. Just make sure you're on a secure internet connection. 

Mobile Banking Apps

Another wonderful option to check BVN without airtime is to use mobile banking apps. Simply launch your bank's app on your phone. Usually, after logging in, there is a section for personal or account information. Tap there to see your BVN displayed. It's quite simple and does not require any airtime. Just remember that you'll need an internet connection. This strategy has always struck me as simple and easy to apply.

USSD codes that do not require airtime.

Most Nigerian banks and cell phone companies have a single number you can dial to quickly get your BVN. That one-of-a-kind code is *565*0#, but it costs NGN20 per dail.  But the truth is that some USSD codes allow you to check your BVN even when you don't have any airtime. 

You should know, though, that not all banks in Nigeria let their customers use their own unique shortcode to check for BVN right now. Keystone Bank, Fidelity Bank, and Guaranty Trust Bank are the only 3 banks that let their customers check their BVN numbers using their USSD. However, a small fee would be taken out of the customer's account balance. 

Here's how to get your BVN using your bank's USSD:

For Fidelity Bank:

Dial *770#.

Select 9 (or next).

On the next menu list that displays, select 6 (that says Get Account No/BVN/NIN).

Input your password.

You will immediately receive a text message with your Bank Verification Number (BVN). NGN10.75 will be taken from your bank account balance for this service

For Keystone Bank:

Dial *7111# and choose 6 (or BVN).

You will be asked to enter the password you use to carry out transactions.

Your Account Number, BVN, and NIN will show up on your screen right away. This will cost you NGN20, which will be taken out of your available amount.

Guaranty Trust Bank

Dial *737*6*1#

Just do what it says via the directions.

Your BVN will be sent to you right away. You will see how much money will be taken out of your account before you finish the process.

How To Get Bvn Number Without Going To Bank

While you can't get your BVN number issued for the first time without visiting a bank or approved enrollment center, there are several ways to check your existing BVN without physically going to a bank:

1. USSD Code (*565*0#): This is the most common method, but it incurs a N20 charge. Dial *565*0# from the phone number registered with your BVN. You'll receive your BVN via SMS.

2. Bank Mobile Apps: Many banks offer mobile apps where you can access your BVN after logging in. Check your bank's app for specific instructions.

3. Online Banking: Some banks allow BVN retrieval through their online banking platforms. Log in to your bank's website and navigate to your profile or account details section.

4. NIBSS BVN Lookup Tool: This official tool by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System allows you to check your BVN online. Visit  and enter your first name, last name, and date of birth. You'll need to answer security questions and receive your BVN via email.


Can I get my BVN for the first time online or through apps?

No. Currently, getting a BVN for the first time requires visiting a bank branch or authorized enrollment center.

Is it safe to use the NIBSS BVN Lookup Tool?

Yes, the NIBSS BVN Lookup Tool is a secure and official way to check your BVN. Just ensure you're using a secure internet connection and don't share your login details with anyone.

How often can I check my BVN using these methods?

There are no specific limits on how often you can check your BVN using these methods. However, some bank apps or online platforms might have usage restrictions. Always check with your bank for specific details.

What if I suspect someone has accessed my BVN illegally?

Contact your bank immediately and report the suspected fraudulent activity. They can help you secure your account and take necessary steps to prevent further misuse.

Can I get a new BVN without going to the bank?

No, unfortunately, you cannot get a new BVN issued without visiting a bank or an approved enrollment center. These centers are responsible for verifying your identity and collecting necessary documents to ensure secure BVN issuance.


In conclusion, getting your BVN (Bank Verification Number) no longer requires going to the bank, owing to a number of convenient options. You can get to your BVN without having to be physically present by using online banking platforms, mobile banking apps, USSD codes, the NIBSS BVN Lookup Tool, etc.

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