Sun King Solar Fan And Freezer Price In Nigeria, Sun King Solar Tv Price In Nigeria

Sun King is dedicated to advancing access to brighter lives by designing, distributing, installing, and financing solar home energy products. Their mission addresses the critical need for reliable energy access for the 1.8 billion people currently living without it.

Since their inception in 2009, when it introduced its first solar-powered lamp, Sun King has evolved into the world's leading off-grid solar energy company. With a team of 2,500 staff, they have proudly served 100 million product users across 65 countries.

Their comprehensive approach involves designing, distributing, installing, and financing solar energy solutions tailored for those who lack access to or cannot afford traditional electrical grid connections. Recognizing the diverse energy needs of consumers in Africa and Asia, they offer a range of products, from cost-effective and durable lamps to powerful home and business energy systems, modern entertainment solutions, and energy storage systems. Sun King's diverse product lineup aims to unlock a higher quality of life for users.

They cater to off-grid households and businesses, as well as those without reliable access to the grid, aiming to bridge the energy gap and improve lives. Presently, 1.8 billion people worldwide lack reliable access to an electric grid, forcing many to resort to expensive, polluting kerosene fuels and gas-powered generators for their energy needs. Additionally, millions endure the inconvenience of walking miles just to charge their mobile phones, find a place to study, or complete their day's work.

In essence, their mission is clear: people need reliable, modern energy to unleash their full potential. Sun King's secure off-grid power solutions contribute to safer and more productive lives, with measurable impacts, including a 75% increase in daily reading and study time for children, a 15% increase in monthly savings for households, 94% of families feeling safer with Sun King, and 84% of users reporting better air quality. Sun King is committed to powering access to brighter lives, one solar solution at a time.

This post will cover Sun King Solar Fan And Freezer Price In Nigeria, Sun King Solar Tv Price In Nigeria.

Features and offerings of Sun King

Sun King stands out as a leading provider of off-grid solar energy solutions, catering to the diverse needs of users in Africa and Asia. Here are some key features and offerings of Sun King:

Solar Home Energy Products: Sun King designs and offers a range of solar-powered products for homes, including lamps, home and business energy systems, and entertainment solutions. These products provide a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources.

Diverse Energy Solutions: Understanding the varied energy requirements of consumers, Sun King provides a diverse range of products. From cost-effective and durable lamps for basic lighting needs to powerful home and business energy systems, they address the unique energy challenges faced by off-grid households and businesses.

Innovative Entertainment Systems: Sun King doesn't just stop at basic energy needs. Their innovative entertainment systems, such as solar-powered TVs, cater to the modern lifestyle, ensuring that users have access to entertainment even in areas without reliable grid connections.

Energy Storage Systems: Sun King acknowledges the importance of consistent power supply. To address this, they offer energy storage solutions that allow users to store solar energy for later use, ensuring a continuous and reliable power source.

Installation and Financing Services: Sun King provides end-to-end services, from designing and distributing to installing and financing solar energy solutions. Their commitment extends beyond the product itself, ensuring that users can easily access and benefit from their solar offerings.

Global Reach and Impact: With a presence in 65 countries around the world, Sun King has a global reach. Their dedicated team of 2,500 staff members has served over 100 million users, making a significant impact on communities by providing reliable and sustainable energy access.

Empowering Lives: Sun King's mission goes beyond providing energy solutions; it's about empowering lives. By offering access to modern, reliable energy, they contribute to increased study time for children, monthly savings for households, enhanced safety, and improved air quality for families relying on their products.

Sun King Solar Fan And Freezer Price In Nigeria 

Here's a breakdown of their popular models and their estimated prices:

Sun King Solar Fan With 20W Solar Panel: The Sun King Fan boasts 16-inch blades for potent airflow across three speed modes. Its 90-degree oscillation and a built-in 5100mAh battery, charged by a 20W solar panel, provide up to 18 hours runtime on low speed. With a remarkably quiet brushless motor, it offers a user-friendly and flexible design.

Lightweight and versatile, this solar fan suits both indoor and outdoor use. The built-in charging port enables direct solar panel charging, freeing you from dependence on electricity. Price range: ₦97,658 - ₦ 110,975. 

Sun King Home 600 + PEDESTAL FAN: The solar lights are equipped with a powerful 140Wh Lithium-NMC battery. The daily discharge from the battery is limited to 120Wh, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.  Price range: ₦ 270,000 - ₦ 300,000 

Sun King Solar Powered Fan: this fan comes equipped with a 5100 mAh battery and a 20W solar panel, ensuring uninterrupted cooling with an eco-friendly touch. The solar charge indicator keeps you informed about the power levels, and with three different runtime modes, you can customize the fan's performance to suit your needs.  Price range: ₦85,000.00 - 95,600

Sun King Home Comfort 40: This versatile fan doubles as a light source, making it perfect for multi-purpose use. Price range: ₦40,099 - ₦50,600.

Sun King Home Comfort 40 Plus: Boasting brighter lights and longer lasting battery, this model is ideal for larger families. Price range: ₦48,999 - ₦61,200.

Sun King Solar Fan With 20W Solar Panel: This portable option is perfect for outdoor gatherings or power outages. Price range: ₦97,658 - ₦110,975. 

Sun King Solar Freezer Prices in Nigeria

Sun King Solar Freezer SK218: This compact freezer is ideal for smaller households. Price range: ₦192,000 - ₦240,000.

Sun King Solar Freezer SK350: With a larger capacity, this model is suitable for bigger families or businesses. Price range: ₦255,000 - ₦320,000.

Note: Due to the higher value of freezers, Sun King Solar often offers attractive pay-as-you-go financing options for these models. Be sure to check their website or authorized retailers for the latest deals.

Sun King Solar Tv Price In Nigeria

Sun King Solar offers solar-powered TV systems that let you enjoy your favorite shows without worrying about grid fluctuations.

Sun King Home 310X: This basic system includes a TV, solar panel, and battery, delivering essential entertainment. Price range: ₦89,999 - ₦112,500.

Sun King Home 500X: Upgrade your entertainment experience with this system featuring a larger TV, additional lights, and phone charging capabilities. Price range: ₦149,999 - ₦187,500. 


In a country where power outages are common, Sun King Solar emerges as a game changer by offering economical, dependable, and environmentally friendly energy options. Sun King has you covered whether you want to combat the heat with a solar fan, keep perishables fresh with a sun freezer, or enhance your enjoyment with a solar TV. The prices are low, the features are amazing, and the effect on daily life is significant. 

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