Sun King Solar: Products, Prices, Website, Office Address, Customer Care Number, How To Recharge Sun King Solar

Sun King is on a mission to bring brighter lives to the 1.8 billion people currently living without reliable energy access. Since its establishment in 2009, Sun King has transformed into the world's leading off-grid solar energy company, serving 100 million users in 65 countries with a dedicated team of 2,500 staff.

Their holistic approach involves designing, distributing, installing, and financing solar energy solutions tailored for those without access to traditional electrical grids. Recognizing the diverse energy needs in Africa and Asia, Sun King offers a range of products, from cost-effective lamps to powerful home and business energy systems, entertainment solutions, and energy storage.

This post will cover Sun King Solar: products, prices, website, office address, customer care number, how to recharge sun king solar.

Sun King Solar

Founded in 2009, Sun King began its journey by introducing its first solar-powered lamp. Over the years, it has evolved into the world's leading off-grid solar energy company, serving an impressive 100 million users across 65 countries. The company's team, consisting of 2,500 staff members, is driven by a commitment to providing efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Sun King's comprehensive approach involves designing, distributing, installing, and financing solar home energy products. The focus is on catering to those who lack access to or cannot afford traditional electrical grid connections. 

Recognizing the diverse energy needs of consumers in Africa and Asia, Sun King offers a range of solar products, including cost-effective and durable lamps, powerful home and business energy systems, modern entertainment solutions, and energy storage systems.

The company's product lineup aims to unlock a higher quality of life for users, particularly those in off-grid households and businesses, as well as individuals without reliable access to the grid. In a world where 1.8 billion people lack reliable access to electric grids, Sun King's solutions play a crucial role in replacing expensive and polluting alternatives, contributing to a safer and more productive lifestyle.

Sun King Solar Products and Prices

Sun King's Solar Products:

Solar Home Lighting Systems: Sun King provides energy-efficient solar house lighting solutions. Sun King provides a wide range of energy solutions, from low-cost bulbs to strong home and corporate energy systems. 

Pico Plus:

Compact and easy to carry, the Pico Plus offers a simple yet powerful lighting solution that is five times brighter than a kerosene lamp.

Pro 200:

The Pro 200 provides a bright light source along with the capability to charge a basic phone, making it a versatile option for on-the-go lighting and communication needs.

Pro 300:

With even brighter illumination and the ability to charge a smartphone, the Pro 300 offers enhanced lighting and charging capabilities for extended usage.

Pro 400:

For those seeking the brightest portable lamp, the Pro 400 is the ideal choice, providing unparalleled brightness in a compact and portable design.


Combining light, phone charging, FM radio, and an MP3 player into a single device, the Boom offers all-in-one functionality for convenient and versatile usage.

Solar Home System: It might be tough to meet your home's electricity needs, especially if you don't have regular access to the power grid. These home systems provide dependable power for all of your equipment.

Home 200X:

A solar lighting system designed for homes and businesses, the Home 200X expands seamlessly to meet your evolving needs.

Home 200X Plus:

Enhancing the capabilities of the Home 200X, the Plus version features a more powerful 15-watt solar panel for increased efficiency.

Home 500X:

Step into the world of entertainment with the Home 500X, a lighting system that includes a digital HD LED TV for an enriched home experience.

Home 40 Plus:

Experience portable solar home lighting and mobile charging in an affordable package with the Home 40 Plus, providing a convenient solution for your lighting and device charging needs.

Solar Inverters: High-power solar inverters were maed to replace traditional electric grids and expensive fuel generators. These systems seamlessly switch between grid supply and solar-powered inverter battery supply, ensuring uninterrupted use of AC appliances even during power outages.

Solar Inverter Home 8000:

As a high-power solar inverter, the Home 8000 is designed to replace traditional electric grids and expensive fuel generators, offering a reliable and sustainable power solution for homes and small businesses.

Sun King Solar Products Prices

The Sun King Solar Products Prices ranges from N5,000 to N400,000 depending on the one you opt for.

Sun King Solar Website

For the latest information on products, prices, and more, the official Sun King Solar website is your go-to destination. You can explore the full range of solar solutions, read customer reviews, and find valuable resources on solar energy.

Visit the official website at to discover how Sun King is revolutionizing the way we access and use energy.

Sun King Solar Office Address

Sun King has offices in several countries. You can find the address and contact information for the nearest office on the "Contact Us" page or use the Store Locator to locate them.

Sun King Solar Customer Care Number

Have questions or need assistance? The Sun King Solar customer care team is ready to help. You can reach them via:

[email protected] for inquiries related to bulk orders and distribution partnerships.

At [email protected] for media-related inquiries, please reach out to them

If you are interested in career opportunities with them, please contact [email protected]

Also, for any assistance or support, please contact their customer support team at [email protected]

Sun King has different phone numbers for its various regions. You can find the specific number for your country on their website's contact page.

How To Recharge Sun King Solar

You have the option to make payments using your mobile phone, through your Field Team Agent, or at your nearest Sun King shop, ensuring continuous access to solar power without interruptions.


Sun King Solar is more than a brand; it represents a dedication to a brighter, more sustainable future. Sun King's different range of solar products empowers individuals and communities around the world, from lighting to entertainment and cooling. Sun King Solar is paving the way for a world where energy is accessible to all by offering transparent pricing, an informative website, a dedicated customer service team, and simple recharge options.

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