Google Rents Goat To Cut Weeds And Bushes At Their HeadQuarters - FACTS

Google Rents Goat To Cut Weeds And Bushes At Their HeadQuarters

Did You Know ?

Google once rented Goats to cut down bushes and weed at their Headquarters ?

Be Green !

The tech giant stated on Google Blog:

At our Mountain View headquarters, we have some fields that we need to mow occasionally to clear weeds and brush to reduce fire hazard. This spring we decided to take a low-carbon approach: Instead of using noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air, we've rented some goats from

California Grazing to do the job for us (we're not "kidding"). A herder brings about 200 goats and they spend roughly a week with us at Google, eating the grass and fertilizing at the same time. The goats are herded with the help of Jen, a border collie. It costs us about the same as mowing, and goats are a lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.

Google isn't the first search engine company using goats to cut down weeds and bushes, in 2007 Yahoo! also used herds of goats at its headquarters in Sunnyvale to cut down the weeds. Yahoo! wrote on it's 'Yodel Anecdotal' Flickr stream ; 'We have a special fondness for the goats and are always sad to see them go'

How far are you willing to reduce carbon emission ? will you consider owning one of this domesticated animals or a lawn mower, to do the weeding ?

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