Mozilla Firefox Was Initially Called The Phoenix - FACTS

Red Panda Firefox logo fun facts
Red Panda


Firefox was initially called “Phoenix” and was created in 2002 by Mozilla community members. The name “Firefox” derives from the nickname of the red panda. The animal shown in the logo is really a red panda but looks to be a stylized fox.

It initially went by 2 names the first which was Phoenix and the next Firebird and the Mozilla Corporation was forced to change those names and corresponding logos after discovering there were other companies already registered by those names and thus the name Firefox was borne and so was the iconic logo.

Mozilla Firefox Was Initially Called The Red Phoenix FACTS
Evolution Of Mozilla Firefox logos

In 2003 Firefox adopted its famous logo that showed a fiery red panda encircling a stylized earth. The logo symbolizes Firefox’s global reach as well as its very high speed.

Jon Hicks who did the final renderings said using the red panda completely “didn’t really conjure up the right imagery” and was not widely known. So while you might see a fox, in the real sense of things it’s a red panda.

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