10 Best Ever PSP Games For PPSSPP Emulator To Download On Android Phones And Windows PC

3rd birthday 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

The love for retro games never stops, sometimes we want to try older games to feel the vibe once more but most of this games, handheld or consoles are very hard to find or buy. This where free emulator software like PPSSPP for PSP games downloads comes in handy.

PPSSPP an open-source, free software emulator for PSP games (Play Station Portable) , a handheld game console by Sony Computer Entertainment, which sold more than 76.3 million units world wide making it one of the most played handed game played by various players all over the globe.

In this post, we would be talking about 10 best PSP games to play on PPSSPP emulator application with free downloads, because its the best emulator software you can find for free to play your favorite PSP games (Play Station Portable) for android or PC.

How To Install PPSSPP Emulator On Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows PC And Other OS

PPSSPP emulator is a free PSP emulator application to play downloaded PSP games, the gold version which does not have ads, is also an available option for people who are willing to support the PPSSPP emulator developers. PPSSPP emulator supports a long range of devices and operating systems like , Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, Pandora, Meego/Harmattan, and even Symbian OS, i.e it works with most smart phones and computers.

To download PPSSPP emulator for free, simply visit their website link here Download PPSSPP for free follow the simple steps for your various devices to install the PPSSPP android game application. 

How To Play PSP Games On PPSSPP Emulator On Android Phones And Windows PC

After installation of PPSSPP emulator, You need to download the Cube Test Program . A program that shows a spinning cube to verify that the PPSSPP emulator can actually works on your device before you head-down to download the PSP UMDs.

1. After downloading the Cube Test Program, launch the PPSSPP emulator on your device.

2. In the PPSSPP go to your 'downloads' folder then click on the Cube Test Program file, if it runs voila !

3. Download a PSP game ROM for PPSSPP emulator following the steps below.

Best Website To Download PSP Games Files (UMDs) For PPSSPP Emulator

10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

Looking for the best site to download free PSP games for android or PC? Emuparadise is not just the best website to download free PPSSPP emulator games, it's the best website to download any game ROMs, ISOs and retro games files for free.

With over 100,000 thousand free games to download, with the best PSP action games, PSP shooter games, PSP adventure games, PSP FPS games, PSP RPG (role playing) games, PSP sports games, PSP horror games, PSP survival games, PSP strategy and PSP puzzle games.

To find any PSP games on Emuparadise, simply search for the game title with the aid of the search button or take your time navigating through the website to find the PSP game, click on it to download the game for free. Emuparadise allows you to download any amount of PSP best games you want for free.

Update - Best Site Like Emuparadise

Emuparadise.me was the best website on the net to find and download hundreds and thousands of retro game's ROMS, ISOs and games for free, but it’s hug library of retro games ROM no longer exists due to legal actions by Nintendo, Emuparadise has discarded most of the games from it's online library.

But, don't be disappointed, there are still other alternative websites to Emuparadise - such as Gamulator.com the top 1 best alternative website similar to Emuparadise and CoolROM where you can find and download ROMs, ISOs, emulators and classic games without any payment.

Searching for game's ROMs and emulators on Gamulator is also very easy, you will find the most downloaded ROMs and Emulators directly on the homepage, and you can also find your most preferred ROM with the aid of the search box, or take your time exploring through the website.

Once you verify that the Cube Test Program works, you can head to download the PPSSPP emulator games files on Emuparadise Gamulator.

After downloading the PPSSPP rar file from Emuparadise Gamulator, you need to unzip the game files using a file extractor like RAR, if you are using an Android phone and WinZip for PC Windows OS, macOS, and iOS computers.

Then make a new folder of your choice, preferable name the folder 'PSP' so you can always remember where you saved it, then paste the .iso or .cso PSP game file which you extracted from the zipped PSP game file in the 'PSP' folder.

Launch the PPSSPP emulator select the game in the 'PSP' folder , Enjoy and Play !

Top 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever To Download

As we have explained above the simple steps, you need to get PPSSPP emulator games on your various devices and operating systems. We would be recommending 10 Best PSP Games Ever To Download For Your PPSSPP Emulator.

For an additional bonus, i will be adding the direct download links for each PSP game ROM, so you can download the PSP game file for your PPSSPP emulator application for free.

These free PSP games comes with amazing graphics, captivating story line, incredible sounds effects and loads smoothly on most devices with low ends specs (specifically playing on Windows PC and Android phones which we used in testing the games).

So here are the list of Top 10 Best Ever PSP games for PPSSPP Emulator To Download For Android Phones And Windows PC

1. Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Impact

10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever naruto

Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Impact is the top best PSP game in this list, because its proves to be a very graphical and fluid PSP game to play on PPSSPP emulator for android, with an exciting single player (ultimate road) and with a co-op multiplayer mode (tag mission) where you get to play along with friends.

A very captivating story mode straight from the anime with over 20 characters and upgrade cards to choose from across the anime universe and different customization to unlock while playing the game.

Naruto Shippuden works smoothly on most device like android phones and Windows PC, requiring no real settings.


2. God of War - Chains of Olympus

10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever God OF war

God of War titles never fails to deliver as it's a very interesting PPSSPP game for android, a PSP adventure role playing game with one of the best PSP graphics game, As the user takes the role of Kratos a spartan warrior, who guided by the goddess Athena, fights with a double chain blade weapons.

As the story unfolds with various plot twisting and different endings, you will fight your way through giant beasts, traps, amazing stunts and defeating medusa.

God of War, Lags on  PPSSPP emulator mostly on low specs android phones but you can use this optimized settings to make it run smoothly on your android mobile phones.


3. The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd Birthday 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

An action packed third-person best PSP shooter game, The 3rd Birthday tells the story of the extremely sexy "Aaya Brea" a member of the CTI (Counter Twisted Investigation) fighting a monstrous creatures known as "Babels" along with a lifeforms called the 'Twisted' which appeared in New York On the Christmas Eve of 2013.

The 3rd Birthday PSP game plays on PPSSPP emulator with stunning graphics, beautiful textures, captivating sound effects easy controls, you should consider downloading 3rd Birthday as it play smoothly on most devices; android phones and Windows PC.


4. Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

Developed by EA (Electronics Art) Games, Fight Night Round 3 is the best 1V1 boxing game on PSP for PPSSPP emulator for android and PC, with nice in game sound track "Never Gonna Get It" by Sean Biggs, FT Akon and Topic.

Fight Night Round 3, better mesmerizing graphics and fantastic game play makes it the top fighting game on PSP.

Fight Night Round 3 features many top boxing stars and legends like Muhammad Ali, with Quick Game Mode, Rival Challenges, Career, Hard Hits and Multiplayer Game mode. Fight Night Round 3 works smoothly on most devices (Windows PC and Android phones) giving little or no frame drops.


5. Syphon Filter - Logan's Shadow

Syphon Filter - Logan's Shadow 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

Love action games? check out the best stealth and action filled, third-person PSP shooter game for PPSSPP emulator, you won't regret downloading.

Developed by SCE Bend Studio using HAVOC physics engine which makes objects, enemies, environment react realistically to gun fire and any other means of interactions. Syphon Filter - Logan's Shadow features lots of weapons, skills and game-play mechanics.

Where player can couch to cover, side to side movements, leaning on walls and objects, blind firing from covers with advanced melee skills that allows players to grab and use enemies as human shields.

Logan's Shadow requires high end devices and will have frame drops while playing with low specs android phones, while it works well on Windows PC PPSSPP emulator.


6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

Most gamers love sports games, especially football games, so this list of best PSP games for PPSSPP emulators is not complete without a PSP soccer game.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 shortened as PES 2011 and also know as World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011 in Asia, is developed and published by Konami.

The game contains 79 National teams features lots of Cups and Leagues like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup and lots more.

The PPSSPP emulator plays the game amazingly fluid on most devices (Windows PC and Android) tho we would recommend you play with a game pad because of the complex controls (L1 and R1 buttons).


7. Obscure - The Aftermath

Obscure - The Aftermath 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

Obscure - The Aftermath is the best survival horror game on PSP to play on PPSSPP emulator for PC and android, developed by Hydravision Entertainment, a sequel to the video game Obscure which was released in 2009 for PSP.

With an intensive scary sound tracks, effects and graphics, Obscure strikes fear into the hearts of the players. A true definition of horror game which involves students of  Fallcreek College fighting the 'Black Aura' a sinister and mysterious black flower which infested their college.

The PSP game features co-op multiplayer mode with a group of students from the campus ability to drop a second payer in or out of the action at any time during game-play. The game runs smoothly on PPSSPP emulator, with little or zero lags on most devices we tested (Windows PC and Android phones).


8. Assassin Creed - Bloodlines

Assassin Creed - Bloodlines 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

One of the best ever action-adventure PSP role playing game (RPG) on PPSSPP emulator for android and PC.

Which is set in an open world gaming environment, Assassin Creed - Bloodlines is a stealth PSP game that tells the tales of Altaïr an assassin, who is in pursuit of Armand Bouchart, the last Templar leader, he is assigned to kill.

A very graphical PSP game with awesome combat system, amazing set of skills and stunts which players can run up wall, jump from roofs to roofs and attempt the 'leap of faith'. Works fine on devices we ran the PPSSPP emulator (Windows PC and Android phones).


9. Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai

Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

At just 144MB PSP game size, Dragon Ball Z - Shin Budokai plays very smoothy on PPSSPP emulator on android and PC, for most low end android phones with no lags to worry about.

The PSP Fighting game which follows the Dragon Ball Z original timeline with Goku and Piccolo fighting with Raditz till Gohan's last battle, Consists of a total of 23 characters.

Players could select from various types of game mode like, story mode, versus mode, tournament stage and practice. it's the best PSP game to play on your PPSSPP emulator on low storage devices, a low end specs PC or android phones.


10.  Miami Vice

Miami Vice 10 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games Ever

A PSP third person shooter action game, tells the story of two narcotics officers Tubbs and Crockett whose aim is to bring down 'Sacrengra' a South American drug lord. The player can select as either Tubbs or Crocketts before starting each mission.

Miami Vice, features a nice shooting system with guns equipped with lesser markings, players can also sell drugs, do illegal trading to get information, play undercover and  more.

Miami vice packs loads of fun at just about 206MB PSP game file size, plays ultra smooth with zero lags on PPSSPP emulator for PC and android phones.



The list of  Top 10 Best Ever PSP Games For PPSSPP Emulator Games to download for free on android phones or windows PC, consist of games personal selected by us after running and playing over 50 best selling PSP games to the end.

I promise you won't regret downloading or playing these PSP games on your PPPSSPP emulators !.

Looking for a gaming phone? Top 10 Best Mobile Phones For Ultra Smooth Gaming 

To enjoy the game and face lesser difficulties with the controls, we recommend you get a compatible Game Pad due to the complexity of some games controls over touch screen devices (The L1 and R1 buttons) especially for Android/Mobile users, you can also explore Emuparadise.me  Gamulator.com to download any game that suits you.

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If you have any question regarding the post, drop it in the comment and i will reply you ASAP. Enjoy !

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