Common Most Believed Technology Myths And Misconceptions

Common Most Believed Technology Myths And Misconceptions
Technology have experienced a swift evolution but there are still so many popular myths and common misconceptions surrounding the use of technological gadgets which is largely believed by a large number of people.

I will be listing ten (10) common most believed technology myths and misconceptions, to keep you well informed about trending technologies and their use.

There are some common myths and misconceptions about technology we probably still believe.

Emptying The Trash Or Recycle Bin Will Permanently Delete Files

It is a popular believe, that once you empty your computer recycle bin then the files are gone forever.
However, you will only free some space on your laptop but will not completely delete the files because there will be some data left in there to be revived back as there are some software which can retrieve deleted data (data recovery).

So don’t think once the recycle bin is emptied then the file is gone forever. The only true way to delete a data is to completely destroy your memory drive.

The WWW And Internet Are The Same

Commonly believed that the 'WWW' and the 'Internet' are the same but not a fact, as the 'WWW' and the 'Internet' are two different network while the internet is used to connect two different networks together so they can share information and the WWW is one of such network.

The internet is the system of technologies under the surface, which enable the web to come into existence.

Using A Third Person Phone Charger

This is very common widely believed technology misconception, most people don’t want to lend out their phone's charger or use other's phone charger. Nothing but a popular technology misconception, as lending people your phone's charger or vice versa wouldn’t cause any harm or damage to your phone.

There two reasons attached to not using the another person charger and it either the quality of the charger being used, because some fake chargers contains substandard electrical components which may fail prematurely or cause fire.

While the other reason is, the voltage of the charger some charger has more power than other and therefore charges the device more rapidly.

So if the charger is from a reputable manufacture you can always use a 3rd person charger or a fourth person depending on the voltage or quality of the charger.

Leaving Your Phone Plugged In Can Destroy The Battery

While the life expectancy of a phone battery is expected to reduce after some numbers of charge cycles. Leaving your phone plugged in overnight or anytime can't destroy your phone, it's just a common technology misconception that have since been debunked. Although, there ways to make your phone battery last for a longer period of time.

Technology has advanced and phones now use the lithium-ion battery which stops charging once the battery reached (100%) full bar.  So no need to run home when charging your phone for a long time or setting alarms to unplug overnight if you are using the Li-on battery.

Not Recharging Your Battery Until They Are Almost Dead

Another biggest common technology misconceptions about phone batteries, you may need to top your phone battery especially when traveling or living where there is no stable electricity.

Feel free to always charge your mobile phone at any percentage as this applies to nickel cadmium batteries which loses its ability to retain electrical charge if recharged before draining down to zero but this doesn’t apply with today’s Li-ion batteries.

So if using the Li-ion battery you don’t have to wait for your battery to drain before recharging it.

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More Network Bars Means Better Service

It's a very common technological believe that, when you see the service signal on your phone, you may think, yes ! there is network service or maybe the service bar is excellent but when unable to make a call or browse the internet then you wonder what might be wrong especially when you are in a crowded environment.

The network signal bars on our phone just icons indicating the signal strengths and when there are too many people on the cell it can becomes slow or unavailable but still have a good signal strength.

So the signal bars don’t mean a better service but just a signal strength. Next time when you are in a crowded area like the stadium and your signal is full, no cause for alarm when trying to make a call and it’s not going through just relax it will connect, it’s just a lot of people are using the cell at the same time.

You Need To De-fragment Your Computer Hard Drive Regularly

Most people still believe that, older computers occasionally needs hard drive De-fragmentation but modern computers De-fragment their drives automatically and the more recent solid stated drive (SDD) don't need De-fragment at all.

Now you don’t need to worry about DE-fragmentation any more.

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Web Cookies Are Dangerous

One of the most popular believe misconceptions about the web space, is cookies. Most internet users believes that cookies are dangerous or harmful but its just a widely believed technological myth.

Why are cookies not dangerous? because cookies are just plain text files that are used to store information on your computer to manage your browser and these cookies can’t access or modify, change settings or execute code.

So it's a facts that cookies aren’t dangerous or cause any harm to your laptop or phone, its just a common technological misconception circulated by lots of people.

Private Browsing Is Totally Private (Incognito)

Another common technological myth debunked. Sometimes we want to surf the web space anonymously but most people believes that once the browsers is on incognito tab mode then anything they do on the net is totally private.

Well, this is true to some extent because, yes your browsing history will be private to others but your internet provider will have access to your browsing history or any law enforcement agency watching.

The More Megapixel Your Phone Has The Better The Camera

Most common people still believes that, when buying a new phone the one of the most important specification we check is the megapixel but a quality photo is not determined by the quantity of the megapixel is but the quality of the pixel. The visual photograph is influenced by the number of pixels and their physical size.

Very high pixel counts provide the high resolution necessary to capture fine details in a scene. But high pixel counts mean that individual pixels are very small and they produce much noisier images than larger pixels, especially when the lightening is weak.

Under typical lighting conditions, a camera with 6 or 8 megapixel sensor might provide better photos than an 18 megapixel sensor.

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I hope you all get informed with this article about some common most believed technology myths and misconceptions.

Tho I’m sure most of you might be already aware of some of these common technology myths and misconception but many of them are still new to you.

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If you wish to share some other common technology related myths and misconceptions, do let us know via the comment box. If you find this article interesting or informative, feel free to share it on Google plus and Facebook.


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  2. Really educative, what about the myth about sex in car , knocks car engines or cause accident, how true is that cause the myth very common in Nigeria here

    1. Sex in car, no way affects a car Engine or cause accidents only if the car is in motion. So it's clearly a myth.


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