Top Websites To Watch/Stream Free Live Football Matches Online For PC And Mobile Phones

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, watched and played across the globe with billions of fans, players and viewers around the world.

A lot of people love watching football matches and never want to miss their favorite football team matches. While you can always get a ticket to watch your club or country play football live at the stadium to experience the football thrills and energy.

However, some football fans enjoy watching football right from their comfort zone as most cable and satellite television providers offer some type of access to live sports streaming, and cord-cutting services like StarTimes, TSTV and DSTV also feature a ton of live sports streams.

But, sometimes you want to watch a live football match or stream other sports, but there is no TV around this can be annoying if you are a huge football sport fan. Even more so if your cable TV does not offer the sports event due to potential TV channel restrictions, you may even need to pay extra to be able to watch live football matches.

Then you reach out to grab your mobile phone from your pocket or take out your PC, hoping to find a good site where you can watch a free live stream of the desired game online. The problem comes when it's hard to find the best football sport streaming sites online, as there are not really that many places to go.

Although, free live streaming sports sites are harder to come by, but they are out there on the internet. I would help you out by giving you the top free football sports streaming websites as it can take a long time to find a good and proper website to watch/stream free live football matches online for PC and mobile phones.

This is why I have recommended you to the best free live sports streaming websites for watching football games online that works greatly on mobile phones and laptops. These sites are great to watch various football international and local leagues such as; Premier League, English Football League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, France Ligue 1, UEFA Europa League and FIFA World Cup.

You can also watch live rugby (NFL), cricket, tennis, basketball, UFC, Formula 1 on this list of best website and other sport websites that gives you free offers. They are great examples of what traditional cable stations and satellite television providers should be doing with their sport contents hopefully more will follow suit in the future.


ESPN Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

ESPN is one of the biggest names in sports broadcast and the best in-depth website to watch or stream football games and other sports - basketball, racing, tennis, baseball, golf etc online. The ESPN site is very clean with no annoying Ads that frustrate your viewing pleasure.

Unlike any other free sites, ESPN provides live football matches in HD (high definition quality) but, you can also choose the best football video streaming quality that suits your data plan with solid and clear commentaries mostly in English.

ESPN is not only available on the web platform, as it supports varieties of OS like, PS4, Xbox one, Android and iOS platform, which makes it easy to access for it's wide range users, you can download the apps from the related stores.

However, you might want upgrade your subscription as ESPN free football live stream is not entirely free with selected free games and do not support all countries.

Visit ESPN website


Stream2watch sites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online In HD

STREAM2WATCH is my best favorite site to watch free live stream of football games online in HD video quality. The website is very popular among USA football fans as it is the best entirely free website to watch free live football matches online for PC and Mobile phones.

Unlike ESPN, STREAM2WATCH is a totally free site to watch live football games online and it doesn't not require any registration or subscription before you are allowed to watch the free football games online.

STREAM2WATCH also shows lots of popular sports of different categories which are available to watch live online such as racing, basketball, baseball, cricket, hockey, cycling, wrestling, sumo and lots of trending sports games.

The site has a basic black user-interface with the homepage showing the list of the live sport that are available to watch. STREAM2WATCH loads very fast on PC and mobile phones, but the downsides about free football streaming sites are the excessive pop-up Ads, which can be annoying especially when you want to navigate through the sites.

Visit STREAM2WATCH website


Super Sports Websites To Watch or Stream Free HD Live Football Matches Online

SuperSports is one of the biggest names in cable TV especially in Africa, the sport channel that provides up-to-the-minute live football matches, sports news, scores, highlights, replays and commentaries in different languages for  Football leagues, NFA, MLB, NBA, Formula 1, NCAA Basketball.

They also have a website which offers live football matches for free online to an extent. SuperSports covers most all of the popular football leagues from Premier League, English Football League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, France Ligue 1, UEFA Europa League, FIFA World Cup and even some local football league.

Just like ESPN, the live football streams are not totally free as some of the selected football matches requires registration or connection to your Multi Choice cable subscription. However, the website is very clean and totally free from Ads which can mess up your user experience.

SuperSports also offers live stream of other sports apart from football such as Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Motorsport, Tennis, Athletics, Cycling, Boxing, Aquatics and you can also get the app for Android or iOS mobile phones.

Visit SUPERSPORTS website


Cric free Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

Derived from the name cricket, CRICFREE is another top live sport streaming channel majorly made for cricket fans but also show lots of live sports especially football streaming channels like Sport Net, StarSports, EuroSport, BTsport 1 to 3, ESPN (USA), SkySports 1 to 5, FoxSports, BeinSports 1 and NBC etc.

With Over 17 million unique viewers each month, CRICFREE remains one of the best most visited website to stream free live football matches online on PC and mobile phones. The sport websites maintain an elegant white design where you can find a list of various live football matches and scheduled football games in HD video format.

Like STREAM2WATCH you can find some Ads within the website but the rest of the website is easy to navigate. Watching live football matches online is total free on this site with a chat feature which allows fans to interact with each other. CRICFREE also shows the live stream of other major sports around the globe such as hockey, cricket, tennis, boxing, rugby, tennis, baseball, etc.

Visit CRICFREE website


NBC sport Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

NBC sports is one of the leading website that offers the best HD quality sport contents. The website is one of the best and popular website to watch/stream free live football matches available on PC and mobile devices.

The website has a premium features and design, using NBC sport you can watch thousands of sport events online such as Live football matches, full matches replay, football clips, highlights, football news and lots more.

NBC sport is a great website to stay informed about football sports and will always provide you the best viewing experience with different sever around the globe, delivering super fast football streaming.

Just like DSTV's Supersport website, NBC sports requires you to connect with your TV subscription to watch some selected football games. However, NBC sports supports lots of platform such as iOS, Apple TV, Windows, Android, Fire TV, Roku, XBox, PS4 and Google Chromecast. 

Visit NBC sports website


Live TV Soccer TV Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

LIVE TV comes 6th on this list of best websites to watch or stream free live football matches for PC and mobile phone as it's among the top website that broadcast totally free live football stream online. The website gets up-to-minute updates of free live football sport streams, full sport videos and live score.

LIVE TV offers you a great possibility to follow numerous live sport events, including football games of the UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division and Italian Serie A, or major events in other sport types, such as NFC, Horse Racing, ice hockey with the NHL or basketball with the NBA.

The website makes use of P2P technology, allowing you to watch medium to high (HD) quality football streams completely free online. Furthermore, a nearly unlimited number of visitors can have access to these streams at the same time without any server congestion.

In addition, you can discuss what you watch with football fans from all over the world and put your comments in every broadcast page all for free. The site has little or no Ads but some users may require VPN to access the site.

Visit LIVE TV website


VIPRow Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

VIPROW sports is one of the biggest website that offers the best high grade quality live football streams with different selections of sports streams that you can watch on all most any device, including phones, tablets and PCs.

The website also allows users to enjoy unlimited free live streaming of a great variety of sports apart from football matches such as UFC, Formula 1, Golf, Rugby, WWE, Cricket, Basketball, and much more. The website is looks premium with a clean design and large descriptive icons which makes it very easy to navigate as well.

The website supports different languages such as French, Arabic, Chinese, Espanol, Dutch, Portuges, and Italiano. VIPROW sports is entirely free to watch live football matches online, in various video quality ranging from low to high video quality. Surprisingly, the website contains no Ads which can ruin user experience.

Visit VIPROW sports website


Livesport Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

LIVE sport is one of the best place to stream free live football matches online, you will get access to all information in real time, including prognostics, results, statistics of the football game, etc.

Live sport football streaming offers great opportunity to watch your favorite games online absolutely free. Live sport will help you to forget about constant browsing in search for a high quality live football streaming. Here you can watch the Champions League,  Premier League and enjoy all incredible moment in best video stream quality.

Live sport covers all your favorite football teams, so you can find all necessary information about them on the website. Anyplace, anytime you can always find time to enjoy spectacular live football games online without disruptions and ads. With Live sport you can always get access to any football game online. Live streaming is a great way to watch matches online on your PC and mobile phones.

LIVE sport's football streams are available on the website in HD 720p and 1080p that will make you feel like you’re at the stadium.

Visit LIVE SPORT website


sonyliv Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

SONY LIV is a very popular website to watch/stream football matches online for PC and mobile phones, most especially among Indian football sports fan. The site is owned and managed by SONY entertainment so you can easily trust it's contents and legality.

Visiting the website homepage, you will get an elegant design which is free from advertisements and a quick catalogue of popular sports as well as trending TV shows. SONY LIV offers a very good live football streaming experience as the website loads super fast on both PCs and mobile phone.

You will get ultra clear live football streams straight to your device the website also supports mobile apps for your Android and iPhone which you can download to watch live football matches online. Apart from these the website is easy to navigate but you can only find a selected few of sports to watch live on this website.

Visit SONY LIV website


Live Soccer TV Websites To Watch Or Stream Free Live Football Matches Online

Rounding up the list of best website to watch free live football games is LIVE SOCCER TV. This website is one of the top places for football fans who want to watch live football matches and other football major events online in HD without any limits.

LIVE SOCCER TV offers Live football matches, football full match video replays, covering the most relevant international and local football competitions like UEFA Champions league, CAF Champions league, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Serie A, and others.

The website is very responsive and renders well on both mobile phones and PC. In addition the site is Ads free and loads without any distractions. LIVE SOCCER TV is majorly focused on football games as other sports are absent on this website.

You can easily find the trending football games, schedules, scores and statistics on the homepage and users can browse by team, leagues or country, and see offerings from major competitions such as the UEFA Champions League.

Visit LIVE SOCCER TV website

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If you looking for the best website to stream or watch free live football matches, I hope this article on Top Websites To Watch/Stream Free Live Football Matches Online For PC And Mobile Phones assist you on how to watch your favorite football matches online.

There’s no need in searching for other live football streaming websites, as we tried our best to give you everything you need in this article, which you can find in this list of websites.

However, if you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to drop them in the comment box. Don't forget to share this awesome list to other football fans!

We hope you find time to enjoy your favorite football games online, Enjoy!

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