Free Unlimited ₦1000 On Jumia And Earn Big On Jumia’s Women And Youth Referral Program

Free Unlimted ₦1000 On Jumia And Earn Big On Jumia’s Women And Youth Empowerment Program

A lot of people have been wondering on how to earn using affiliate marketing, most people have tried Amazon, Best Buy and E bay affiliate marketing, but it’s kind of hard signing up for these affiliates because Nigerians are restricted / not allowed to use those affiliates.

Although they are better affiliates and referral program in Nigeria that offers a better pay without withholding your commission or restricting your access to sign up and  i will be revealing lots of secret on how I earn big with these affiliates/ referral program.

I know have gotten lots of mails asking me about this secret but i won’t be publishing a paid PDF or restricting the access to this information, so all my readers can get it for free.

Without further delay i will begin with this lecture. I am sure most of you all, have heard of Jumia ? The best online shopping in Nigeria? and lots of you do participate in their black Friday deals which offers amazing discount on varieties of products, at the ending of the year.

Jumia also run a referral program, I know some of you are already thinking of Jumia Jforce or Jumia affiliates. No it’s not that, it’s something new which most people haven't heard of but the few who already participating are earning big on this program.

Whats Jumia referral program about? It is called the Jumia’s Women and Youth Empowerment Program.

The initiative is designed to empower over 500,000 Nigerian women and youth below 30 years of age before the end of 2019. One of the goal of this movement is to reduce unemployment gap in the country, especially among our women and youths.

How Does The Jumia’s Women And Youth Empowerment Program Work ?

Joining the referral program is free, this is not another (MMM) as you don’t need to pay any money. How do you earn?

How Does The Jumia’s Women And Youth Empowerment Program Work ?

Just think of it like a money tree.

For every new customer you refer you earn ₦500 and you also earn 1% of all the money your referrals spend on Jumia, within the first 6 months they shop Jumia.

If the person you referred also refereed another person you will also gain, 0.5% of all the money the 2nd spends on Jumia.

And also if the 2nd refereed another person You earn, 0.3% of all the money the 3rd person spend on Jumia.

In layman terms – if Mr Ade refereed Mr Ali – Mr Ade will get ₦500 and also earn 1% of all the money Mr Ali spends on Jumia, within the first 6 months Mr Ali shops Jumia, and if Mr Ali refereed Mr Chika - Mr Ali will get ₦500 and also earn 1% of all the money Mr Chika spends on Jumia for the next 6 months, While Mr Ade will get 0.5% of all the money Mr Chika spends on Jumia, and if Mr Chika refeers, Mr John - Mr Chika will get 1%, Mr Ali will get 0.5%  while Mr Ade will get 0.3% of the amount Mr John spends on Jumia for 6 month.

Other Things You Need To know About The Jumia’s Women And Youth Empowerment Program

  • The Program is open to only Nigerian Women and Youths.
  • Bonuses will be paid, 7 days after the successful delivery of the order (Returned/canceled orders do not attract commission)
  • Down-line level 1 expires after 6 months. Once Down-line Level 1 expires, Down-line Levels 2 and 3 also expire.
  • New customers are defined by the customers who register with phone numbers/ emails that have never shopped on Jumia.
  • Your Earnings/Money will be paid into your Jumia Pay wallet
  • Payment is made on the 20th of every month, with the cut-off date being the 15th of the same month.

You can start earning big to be top earner, to round up this write up on how to earn on Jumia Women and Youth Empowerment Program. I will dropping free ₦1000 Jumia voucher code with no bucket limit (You can use it for any product or price) / Expiry or amount of time used duration for my readers and subscribers.  

Note : Only new users on Jumia can use this voucher

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You don’t know how to use a  Jumia voucher code? Read here “How to use Jumia voucher code” or check the image below

How to use jumia voucher

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