Best Deals Of Jumia Black Friday 2023

Jumia Black Friday starts on the 8th of November, which also happens to be the first Friday of November.

Jumia Black Friday never disappoints as its one of the best time to get amazing discount on over 1,000,000 deals on Jumia, Last year Jumia Black Friday was truly a milestone as discounts on deals went up as high as 99%.

When is Jumia Black Friday 2022 starting?

Unlike other shopping platform such as AliExpress, Amazon, Ebay etc, with a fixed date of 11.11 (11th of November) for their black Friday best discount deals, Jumia Black Friday starts on the 8th of November, which also happens to be the first Friday of November.

How long is Jumia Black Friday 2022 ?

Jumia Black Friday will be running for 22 days starting from Friday 8th November to Friday 29th November, within these 22 days you have amazing discount on deals on the latest smartphones; IPhone, Samsung, Redmi note 8 pro, Tecno and Infinix products.

If you also looking to getting a new gaming laptop, Television set to watch movies or get your favorite game console, or the best gift these festive season this is the period to buy them as they come with an amazingly cheap price tag on Jumia Black Friday 2022.

How to buy on Jumia Black Friday 2022 ?

Once Jumia black kicks off, starting exactly 12:00 am 8th November 2022, you can visit this page to find all items with the best deals on Black Friday. You can easily find the discounted deals with a Jumia Black Friday tag on them.

How to buy on Jumia Black Friday 2022 flash sales ?

How to buy on Jumia Black Friday 2019 flash sales ?

I know a lot of you readers, have always tried buying these Jumia Black Friday flash deals because they offer up to 70% discount on selected products, some where lucky while others weren't; getting the out of stock notification not because it's a scam but it's because you were a bit slow or got the timing wrong.

The best way not to miss out on theses flash sales deals is to take note of the time and also be fast while checking out the product.

Jumia flash sales deals starts on Fridays; the first flash sales are live at midnight 12 AM. Then from 10 AM to 5 PM there are new products released every hour. from Monday to Thursday a new batch of products are released at 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, and 4 PM. 

At the weekends you also get to enjoy up to 70% discount on all selected items every at 10 AM. So don't forget these stated times and days so you won't miss out on these year. Jumia Black Friday deals, then all you need to do is to get on the Jumia Nigeria app or website to be one of the first persons to order the product of display.

How to find an item on Jumia treasure hunt

How to find an item on jumia treasure hunt

One of the best deals of Jumia Black Friday are the treasure hunt deals where customers buy expensive items with an amazingly cheap price of 99% discount. Jumia Black Friday 2022 will be offering 7 items per session, what are the items to look out for ?

  • 1 iPhone 11 for 1000 Naira
  • 1 65 inches Hisense TV for 500 Naira
  • 5 packs of Indomie for 300 Naira

All treasure hunts are happening on Fridays only and at 2 different timing which are 12 AM midnight and 6 Pm

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The treasure hunts are only available for mobile APP users So, if you don’t have the Jumia shopping app installed on your device (phones or tabs), now is the right time for you to go on App Store on iOS or Google Play Store on your mobile devices to download it in order to participate in Jumia Black Friday Treasure hunt.

There you have it.  Deals on Jumia Black Friday 2022 comes with it's buzz and you are assured of the best deals at the lowest possible prices. Save the date!

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Happy shopping on Jumia Black Friday 2022!

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