Best Virtual Dollar USD Cards for Online Payments in 2023

Flutterwave Barter Virtual Dollar Card

In this article, I will talk about Virtual Dollar Card Alternatives to Flutterwave, Klasha for Online Payments in 2022.

You can also get a US credit card and USA bank account number free for your online payments.

Best Virtual Dollar USD Card Alternatives to Flutterwave, Barter, Klasha for Online Payments

So, it turns out Flutterwave, Klasha and the rest were using Union54's API service to generate these virtual cards which will now be going away until further notice. This is why Flutterwave, Klasha and other virtual card providers are shutting down their virtual dollars cards. I am here to bring you the alternatives for those making online payments in dollar.

Below are some of the proven Virtual Dollar Card alternatives to Flutterwave, Klasha for Online Payments in 2022;

Use SUDO AFRICA Virtual Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

Well, I've been doing some digging and I found an alternative we can use for now. They're called SUDO AFRICA and they are an Open API card issuing company (they have the same exact offerings as Union54, the API service Flutterwave, Klasha and the rest were using) and they're a Nigerian-based company too!

SUDO Africa Virtual Dollar Card

Currently, their card issuing platform is kinda wonky (clearly due to lack of traffic, but I predict a rise in their users as people look for alternatives to Barter, etc).
Anyway, the platform works by issuing you a unique reference ID which is linked to your card, and this ID is what allows you to see card balance and also fund it (no option for transaction history yet -- as I earlier said, wonky).

So, when they issue you a Unique ID, you'll deposit naira and then use that naira to create your virtual card. Store your unique ID, as this is used to retrieve your card later. The system takes about 15 mins to issue one card -- again, 'wonky'. Currently, their dollar rate is N622/$. Fair enough if you ask me.
But THEIR CARD WORKS, is the main thing. I've just used it to purchase a domain from sav and it worked just fine.
Theoretically, this should work for Facebook Ads, Namecheap and other online services.

Use The GEEGPAY Prepaid Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

Another alterative someone shared with me is GEEGPAY. They look to have good prospects - and a higher limit than Sudo Africa apparently. Is far more better. Not only they issue virtual visa card, you can also get virtual bank account that work with PayPal and Payoneer. They have virtual bank account for deposit via Providus bank. It is a complete platform owned by Nigeria Company too.

Use The Bitmama Prepaid Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

Bitmama is another solid alternative for making dollar online payments. You can try them out.

Use The UBA Africard Prepaid Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

You can also make use of UBA Africard prepaid dollar card for making dollar payments online.
Walk into any UBA bank and request for a dollar prepaid card. You will need to go with ID, Electric bill, passport, and 2k please go with more things might have change, na Nigeria you dey. Get a PayPal account and link the card to it. PayPal is needed for easy funding of the card with dollar, You can also fund it is you have a dollar Dom account.. I use the card to pay for Facebook ads, Namecheap services, etc. You can spend up to $10,000 monthly. I think that is the maximum.

Use Domiciliary Bank Account Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

Recently, barter, chipper and klasha stopped their dollar virtual card service for international payments.

I have seen a lot of Bloggers, internet marketers and digital creators on this space complain about this.

There are actually simple ways to still make your international payments seamlessly.

Open a dormiciliary account with a local bank.
Apply for a dollar card - Visa or MasterCard.
Fund the account and make your online payments.

I recommend Access or GT bank.
My Access bank Visa card allows me spend up to $10,000 on international platforms monthly.

Regarding funding it, you can either earn dollars online and receive it with your domiciliary account or you buy dollars from local exchange market.

There’s virtually no difference between dollar rates on barter and local exchange market.
Most times, black market rates are even cheaper, from my experience.

Use Payoneer Prepaid Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

Register on
Upload all the necessary documents and have your account approved.
Apply for a dollar card and use same to make your payments online.

Funding can also be done with same process explained above.
There’s a local market for payoneer funds too. You can buy Payoneer funds from freelancers, blogger, online merchants and you can also withdraw your payoneer funds to your domiciliary bank account.

Use ALAT by WEMA bank Prepaid Dollar Card For Your Online Payments.

Another alternative is using ALAT App by WEMA bank to create a domiciliary account. The process is simple as well. You will submit the documents online. After opening a saving , you will see option to create a Dorm account. Then you can request for ALAT by WEMA bank dollar prepaid card for your online transactions.

Use PLC ULTIMA Debit Card For Your Online Payments.

You can as well get the PLC ULTIMA debit card, this will link up five international accounts for you and can allow to spend more than $15,000 in the international market.

These are the Virtual Dollar Card Alternatives to Flutterwave, Barter, Klasha for Online Payments in 2022 that I have tried out and they are working.

Hope this helps.

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