How to Open a US Bank Account and Credit Card as a Foreigner (without having a SSN or having to travel to the USA)

 I am going to guide you on how to open a United States Bank Account and Credit Card as a foreign citizen, immigrant, international student, foreigner, etc without having an SSN or having to travel to the USA.

You can check the Best Virtual Dollar USD Cards for Online Payments.

How to Open a US Bank Account as a Foreigner

I will list the easy steps involved in opening a US Bank account as a foreigner;


Open up Mercury Online Banking Account. Make sure you fill in the details correctly for your Mercury bank account to be opened.

Get a US LLC. You Can't skip this step, it's highly REQUIRED.
Pick a state without income.
I recommend Wyoming (no tax + business-friendly)
Many different services can help you do this, I recommend Buffalo Registered Agents.
Get US Address via Registered Agent Registered Agents = official contact person to receive legal docs who are located in the state.
Any service you file your LLC with will offer a registered agent.
Buffalo offers for $49
Get an EIN Number.
You simply have to register your business (which you have via LLC) with the IRS
Enter LLC & EIN Info in Mercury Account
Step 6:
Hook Up Any Payment Service to Mercury
• Amazon
• Shopify
• Stripe
• PayPal
Simply connect to Mercury and you'll be able to receive USD in other currencies.
Congrats!! Now you have a Bank Account.


How to get USA Credit Card as a Foreign Citizen Without you visiting the USA

Step 1:
Find Credit Card that Does Note Require SSN. You can see the list below.

Best Credit Cards Without a Social Security Number (SSN)

These are the top 10 best Credit cards without a Social Security Number in the USA;

Step 2:
Click on any of the Credit cards listed above and Apply for Credit Card.  
Step 3:
The CC will be Sent to your Registered Agent's Address.
You have this by now via the bank account steps you did above.
You Can also just have card info sent to you online if you don't need a physical card.
That's it, now you have got your credit card.

How to Apply for a Credit Card without SSN


One of the easiest ways to apply for a credit card without an SSN is to get an ITIN. To do so, you’ll need to complete an IRS Form W-7.

The form will ask you to provide your proof of identity through a passport or a government-issued ID from your home country. 

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