How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on iPhone and Android Phones

These days, Android phones come loaded with an abundance of security protections and software advancements, all with the goal of safeguarding user data and ensuring a flawless experience for the user.

However, some of these pre-installed features, such as the Palmpay security plugin and watermark, can be invasive and limit the customization options that are available to customers. This article will walk you through the procedure step by step on How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones.

What is the Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones

The Palmpay security plugin is a device administrator tool that enforces certain security standards that limit your access to your device's settings and functionalities. This is especially aggravating if you're attempting to factory reset your device or access developer options, as the plugin may block you from doing so.

To begin, the Palmpay security plugin is a feature of the Palmpay app, which is a Pan-African firm that provides customers with digital wallets, money transfers, and bill payment services.

The app also has a Flexi cash function that allows users to get payday loans directly from the app without the requirement for collateral or pay stubs.

Your credit score determines the amount of cash advances you can obtain, and the application process is quick and uncomplicated, with no formal paperwork required.

The Palmpay security plugin, on the other hand, is installed immediately if you agree to grant the app access to your device's factory restore settings and developer mode.

 If you've fully repaid your cash loans and want to deactivate the security plugin, but it's still active on your device, this can be inconvenient.

How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones

According to user reports, the Palmpay security plugin cannot be disabled manually in the admin section of your device's security settings. Instead, you must uninstall the plugin through the PalmPay app.

That is why this post focuses on removing the Palmpay security plugin and watermark from Android phones.

How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones:

        Install the newly updated Palmpay App on your Android device.

        Sign in using your account number.

        If asked, enter the one-time password.

        An OTP number will be issued to your phone number; please enter it as soon as possible. You will then be logged in.

        Click "Finance" in the dashboard's bottom.

        On the OK Card option, click the view button.

        From the options, select "Disable" Flexi service.

        When you tap it, you'll be taken to the repayment reminder management page, where you'll eventually tap "Turn off Service" to uninstall the Palmpay security plugin from your Android phone.

        Once you've done this, you've completed the task.


How do I remove Palmpay watermark from Android?

After selecting the "Repay Loan Now" button, you can proceed with the process. If you click the icon, a button labeled Disable Security Plugin will appear. If you click that, you'll see a confirmation that you've disabled the PalmPay Security Plugin. 

How can I deactivate Palmpay from my phone?

Instructions on how to quickly terminate or deactivate your Palmpay account

        Launch the Palmpay application on your mobile device, or navigate to the Palmpay website using your desktop or laptop.

        You can access your Palmpay account by logging in.

        Find the section that is labeled "Support" or "Contact Us" on the app or website.

        Make your selection from the drop-down menu to either "Close Account" or "Deactivate Account."

How do I remove authentication from Palmpay?

Simply select 'ME' in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. To access your profile, navigate to the upper left corner of the screen and click on your name. After scrolling down, select the Authentication option. You will be able to view your BVN number, after which you will have the option to delete it.

What other app do you recommend over Palmpay?

There are a large number of additional mobile payment apps accessible, each of which offers its own set of distinctive benefits and capabilities. Opay, Paystack, Flutterwave, and Quicktelle are just a few of the many well-known competitors to Palmpay.

What is security plugin on phone?

On an Android phone, the "Security Plugin" app is a system program that limits administrator permissions.

How do I turn off security plugin in Palmpay?

Look for  the Install Software tab, then simply click on the plugins that you want to remove from your computer. After that, select the "uninstall" option.

How do I uninstall plugins on Android?

You have the option of going to Preferences->Plugins on the search bar, where you can search for the plugin you want to remove; alternatively, you can go to >installed plugin tab, where it will show you the list of plugins that have been installed; after that, you can select the plugin you want to remove by right-clicking on it, at which point it will display the option>uninstall; finally, you can press on the Uninstall button.

Which bank owns Palmpay?

The Chinese consumer internet company Transsion Holdings and the African digital financial services provider NetEase have come together to form the joint venture known as Transsnet Payments. This partnership is the owner of PalmPay. PalmPay operates in Ghana in addition to its primary concentration on the market in Nigeria.

Is it possible for me to borrow money via Palmpay?

Yes. The Palmpay App will allow you to borrow money if you need it. The Flexi credit function that is available on the Palmpay app makes it possible for clients and users to obtain loans. Depending on your credit score, you may qualify for a loan of up to 150,000 Nigerian Naira.

Who is the CEO of Palmpay?

Greg Reeve is the Chief Executive Officer of PalmPay.

Is Palmpay approved by the CBN?

PalmPay is a mobile payment platform in Nigeria that has been licensed by the CBN.

Is Palmpay only for Nigerians?

PalmPay operates in Ghana in addition to its primary concentration in Nigeria.  However, it is important to keep in mind that mobile payment platforms such as PalmPay are often designed to be usable by anybody who possesses a smartphone and has access to the internet, irrespective of the person's country of origin or location. 

Is Palmpay legit?

PalmPay is a genuine mobile payment platform that is administered by Transnet Payments, a joint venture between Chinese consumer internet business Transsion Holdings and African digital financial services provider NetEase. PalmPay has been granted a license to operate by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and it is managed by Transnet Payments.


To summarize, uninstalling the Palmpay security plugin as well as the watermark from your Android phone can considerably improve the overall quality of the user experience.

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