Palmcredit Customer Care WhatsApp Number, Phone Number, email address, and Office Address

It is crucial to have access to dependable customer care in the modern world, where financial services are easily accessible through digital platforms. When it comes to Palmcredit, a well-known online lending platform, having access to the customer care services that they provide may be quite helpful for addressing concerns, finding solutions to problems, and acquiring the information that is required.

In this article, we will discuss the many means of communication such as Palmcredit customer care WhatsApp number, phone number, email address, and Office Address

Why is Palmcredit Customer Care Important?

Palmcredit customer care plays a vital role in providing support and assistance to users of the platform. Whether you have questions about your account, need help with loan applications, or encounter any issues, reaching out to Palmcredit customer care ensures that you receive prompt and reliable guidance. The customer care team is trained to handle various queries and concerns, making them an invaluable resource for Palmcredit users.

Palmcredit customer care WhatsApp number, phone number, email address, and Office Address

Palmcredit Customer Care WhatsApp Number

According to our research, Palmcredit currently do no have a WhatsApp number, so we advice that you be careful with people who pose to be from Palmcredit to avoid falling into scam. 

Palmcredit Customer Care Phone Number

If you prefer traditional phone communication, Palmcredit provides a dedicated customer care phone number. By dialing this number, you can speak directly with a Palmcredit representative and discuss your concerns or inquiries in real-time. The phone number is typically available during business hours, ensuring that you can reach out for support when you need it the most.

You can reach the on 017001000 or 018888188 (9am – 6pm(Mon-Fri), Sat-9am-5pm)

Palmcredit Customer Care Email Address

For those who prefer written communication or have complex queries, Palmcredit offers a customer care email address. By composing a detailed email and sending it to the designated address, you can convey your concerns and receive a response from the customer care team. When using this method, it's important to provide clear and concise information to ensure that your issue is addressed effectively.

You can reach them via [email protected] or [email protected]

Palmcredit Office Address

In addition to digital communication channels, Palmcredit also has a physical office address. This address serves as a contact point for individuals who may prefer face-to-face interactions or need to visit the office for specific reasons.

The office address can be useful for more complex inquiries or situations that require in-person assistance. Their office is at 45c Sauket St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

How to Contact Palmcredit Customer Care

You have a number of choices to select from in order to get in touch with Palmcredit's customer service, depending on how quickly you require assistance.

It is recommended that you don't use the WhatsApp to avoid being scammed. Calling the customer service phone number or sending an email are two options that may be preferable for more in-depth conversations or issues that are more indepth.

When it is absolutely required to do so and for circumstances that call for a person's physical presence, the office address should be used.

Tips for Effective Communication with Palmcredit Customer Care

To ensure a smooth and productive conversation with Palmcredit customer care, consider the following tips:

Be clear and concise: Provide all relevant details in a structured manner to help customer care representatives understand your concern quickly.

Stay calm and polite: Remember to maintain a respectful tone during your interactions, even if you are frustrated or dissatisfied. This approach can help foster better communication and improve the chances of a satisfactory resolution.

Have necessary information ready: Before contacting Palmcredit customer care, gather any relevant account details or supporting documentation to provide accurate information and expedite the process.

Common Issues Handled by Palmcredit Customer Care

Palmcredit customer care is well-equipped to handle various issues encountered by users. Some common topics addressed by the customer care team include:

        Loan application inquiries and status updates.

        Account-related questions, such as balance inquiries and transaction history.

        Technical issues with the Palmcredit mobile application or website.

        Disputes or concerns regarding loan terms, repayment schedules, or interest rates.

        Assistance with loan repayments, including rescheduling or restructuring options.


How do I contact Palmcredit customer care?

To contact Palmcredit customer care, you can reach out through their phone number, email address, or office address. Choose the communication method that suits your needs and preferences.

What information should I provide when contacting Palmcredit customer care?

When contacting Palmcredit customer care, it's essential to provide relevant details, such as your account information, loan details (if applicable), and a clear description of the issue or inquiry you have.

How long does it take to get a response from Palmcredit customer care?

The response time from Palmcredit customer care may vary based on the complexity of the inquiry and the current volume of requests. However, Palmcredit strives to provide timely responses and address customer concerns as quickly as possible.

Can I reach Palmcredit customer care outside of business hours?

Palmcredit customer care is typically available during business hours and we have posted the time of their availability above.

How do I complain to Palmcredit?

If you have a complaint regarding Palmcredit's services or any issues you've encountered, you can reach them via phone, email or you can go to their physical office.

Who is the owner of Palmcredit loan app?

NewEdge Finance Limited is the owner of the PalmCredit app, and the company claims that it fully understands the need that many Nigerians today have for loans that are convenient, rapid access, and do not require collateral.

Is Palmcredit under Palmpay?

Palmcredit is different from Palmpay in every way.

What happens if you don't pay Palmcredit loan?

In the event that you are late with the payments on your Palmcredit loan, the company will continue to raise the interest rate on the loan daily. In addition to this, Palmcredit will continue to call you and encourage you to return the loan they gave you.

Where is Palmcredit located?

The office address can be useful for more complex inquiries or situations that require in-person assistance. Their office is at 45c Sauket St, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.



Having access to reliable customer care is crucial for a seamless experience when using Palmcredit. By utilizing the available contact options, such as phone number, email address, and office address, Palmcredit users can resolve concerns, obtain assistance, and receive guidance promptly. Remember to follow the tips for effective communication and provide necessary information to ensure a smooth interaction with Palmcredit customer care.

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