Is Technology Advancing To Unfamiliar Limits That Might Just Be Too Much For Us?

Is Technology Advancing To Unfamiliar Limits

Recently i saw on twitter a trending video of a Huawei phone that had the user making amazing gestures which the phone could read, analysed and went on to obey the command. The gesture ranged from a wave of the user’s hands upwards and downwards, to the user being able to zoom in and zoom out just by pinching her hand and spreading it out. It was insane stuff , one of the best features of the Android 10. The tweet came with a caption that said - Could your iPhone ever?

While still in awe of the video I just saw and applauding technology for its growth and advancement,  i saw a reply that made me chuckle. Another twitter user quoted the reply with a rebuttal that said, “And have me looking like Magneto on the train? I don’t think so.” If you’re familiar with the marvel universe and one of its most famous villains called Magneto you’ll understand how funny and relating the tweet was.

It however took time before I began to ponder on that tweet and I began to ask myself series of questions, is technology advancing at an alarming rate? Is technology stretching to limits that might just be too much for us at this moment?

I’ll like to state right here and now that I am a big fan of technology, I mean I have lots of tech gadgets and that counts for something right? We all can’t deny how technology have really simplified our lives, from the best smart hubs which make domestic work much easier and fun, machines made for our leisure to intensive machines used in industries, it really has blessed us. 

It has made things easier and more comfortable and that’s why I’m a big fan of the LG slogan that says "Life’s good", technology has really made life good. 

From our homes we do work that would have taken forever to do some decades ago, we carry gadgets in our purses that couldn’t even fit into rooms some decades ago, from a park I can do tasks and make sales all by the click of a button, from my home I can reach friends and relatives across the world without having to make a journey to the closest NIPOST office which could be more than a mile away and this is all thanks to technology and its advancements.

We appreciate technology, but like my social studies teacher used to say – “Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage.” There are pros and cons to technology and one massive disadvantage has been the rise of The Dark Web. Though the dark web is not accessible to everyone unlike the dangers of online dating apps and sites because the dark web is embedded in what is known as the deep web, the growth of the dark web however has been enormous. 

The dark web has housed criminal activities and nefarious acts, acts that infringe on human rights and societal rights, from buying underage porns, buying guns on black market, waging for human body parts for some voodoo incantation to buying or watching snuff films, so many evils are being carried out on the dark web courtesy of the ever advancing technology. Maybe technology is not to be blamed out-rightly but it has shined a light to so many insane minds.

Moving on from the deep web and its sinister activities, there was a prediction some 40-50 years ago by some group of children where they told about a future when machines would be more valued than humans, machines would take the place and jobs of humans and looking around today it all seems to be playing out as they predicted, especially the threats of nuclear weapons to humanity maybe the biblical End Of Days ?. 

High tech robots have been under test-run and over the years there have been robots that have been created to show adaptability and very high emotional intelligence. A recent humanoid robot called Sophia was recently designed by a Hong Kong based Robotics Company.

Sophia is highly skilled and able to display more than 50 facial expressions and has participated in many high-profile interviews as well as being granted citizenship in different countries. Sophia is also the first non-human to be given a United Nations title and while this is actually genius and an amazing innovation it begins to stir up talks on if humans aren’t adequate enough.

Prejudice and the need to survive come into play in issues like this. China has one of the largest populations in the world and that means a massive labor force and over the year China has utilized their labor force to get to where they are now. 

If in some not too distant years there are more innovations like Sophia that are as effective and can be able to do daunting task, the need for humans to be employed becomes less, prompting a high unemployment rate all over the world and if an alternative isn’t provided could lead to a global crisis.
So what will the fate of the ever growing human population on earth be if technology becomes more than we can bear? What becomes of us if technology advances to a stage that becomes uncomfortable with us? Or what if technology is in the right path and I’m just paranoid?

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