Top 6 Valuable Ways To Spend Your Time On The Internet Effectively

Our present world all revolves our technology, basically the internet. As average person, spend over 7 hours on the internet. Doing what exactly? There are various valuable ways to spend your time effectively on the internet, making it a tool of enormous and measurable benefit to your life.

Here are top 6 valuable ways to spend your time on the internet effectively for you;

Learning On The Internet

How To Spend Your Time Learning On The Internet

Number one on our list is learning, anything can be learnt on the internet, literally everything; ranging from learning programming, graphics design, make up, hair making, languages learning, writing, cooking etc, on various apps like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity and Teachable.

Let’s not forget, ever great YouTube are few of top 5 best online platforms, where you can learn about your passion, skills or courses for your professional life benefits. There are also some schools that offers e-learning for students who are hoping to get a degree online.

Shopping On The Internet

Spend Your Time Shopping On The Internet

You can get anything you desire from the internet. Some fancy bag and clothes to go to an event for a gaming phone or Laptop? Home or office appliances? down to food items can all be gotten from the internet.

Major shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay are international websites to get items shipped down to you, anywhere in the world. Jumia and Jiji are local platforms for items ordering. FoodStantly, Gloo and JumiaFoods are few of the local sites available to other food items to you, you can also join the Jumia referral program where you can earn money online.

Fun And Entertainment On The Internet

Fun And Entertainment On The Internet

Definition of fun varies from person to person. Some take learning as part of fun (dear geeks) which is stated above, other activities like watching movies online or playing online games.

Basically, there are so much fun done on web and internet based platforms like YouTube (funny skits, music videos and different genres of videos), Netflix and our local Iroko Tv.,, are top sites to watch any type of videos online, while websites like are prominent sites to download PC game, while iTunes Store and Google Playstore are for mobile games for Android and iOS phones respectively.

You can read and download books on sites like Kindle, Aldikoand Bookish each having lots of books. Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, and BoomPlay are apps for free steaming and downloading of music and music videos.

Staying Updated On The Internet

Staying Updated On The Internet With News

The latest first-hand news about everything is on the internet, shared with friends or social media platforms. Most newspapers currently have websites you can visit such as, and are sites of their respective Punch, Vanguard and Sun newspaper found in Nigeria.

International CNN can be reach out on their site:, BBC have an online platform where news about national and international activities can be found at . Also, they are available on social media platforms, mostly especially Twitter and Facebook.

Making Money On The Internet

How to spend your time Making Money On The Internet

In Victor AD’s voice, "if we no make money, wetin we gain?" Honesty, this list on how to spend your time on the internet effectively is not complete without money making online.

Do you know you can sell your skills and work at a high profitable amount online? Fiverr is an online marketplace that sells skills like writing, web development, graphics design, video editing and lots of other skills.

You can sign up as a seller and start earning, similar is offered on Upwork. On Udemy, you can sign up as instructor on a particular field you’re an expert and would impact others on.

Are you an office person still in search of job? There’s LinkedIn where you can find prospective companies search for employees and your profile serves as a Curriculum Vitae. You can likewise produce or order goods from 1688, Amazon and Ebay and sell on Jumia or Konga.

You want to double your money? You can also spend your time exploring casino sites. There are lots of casino sites where you can easily win free money. Most of this casino sites offers free spins which the players can engage in.

Communication Via The Internet

Communication Via The Internet Using Facebook on tablets

Lastly but also important is communication. Keeping in touch with family and friends is essential in our lives as humans. Communication has been made a lot easy with the rise of lots of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Skype.

Each platform shares similarities and different Uniqueness. On WhatsApp share a more private aspect in the fact that only people who you have their contacts are the only ones you can reach out to, while on other platforms, you can reach to anyone in the world on it.

With these top 6 valuable ways to spend your time on the internet effectively, you can never be bored or lack activities to do while having an active internet connection. The Internet is just a virtual world of our physical earth, pretty much everything that can be done and gotten in our world can be gotten on the web.

The internet brought us a little closer to the world than physically. Now we can communicate, work, learn from and with people miles away from us.

We can have our needs brought right to where we are, from anywhere in the world. We can be anything and have anything we want.

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