Top 10 Best High Graphics Android Games You Should Play

Over the past few months it's quite obvious that android gamers haven't played what you would call a clean HD  AAA android game in a while, to be frank we haven't gotten a lot of good offline games as well but if you are looking for the best high graphics android games to download this year 2022.

I have carefully compiled the best 10 top high graphics android games you can download and play on your android devices, you'll discover the top 10 best new high graphics android mobile games of different genres you should get your hands on.

She Sees Red

She Sees Red android high graphics game for download

She sees red is an interactive live action HD android game filled with drama, violence, responsibilities and choices to make.

Unlike, life is strange where you can actually take control of the player, She sees dead doesn't really offer that feature, rather it is simply a live action movie game where the player make choices which affect or changes the story.

She’s red is a highly captivating android game with intense thrilling drama you don’t find on other android games.

You can easily download it from the Google play store Here.

eFootball (PES 2022 Mobile)

download high graphics android games eFootball (PES 2020 Mobile)

Pro evolution soccer shouldn't appear that much as an entirely new game to android mobile users, as we have been playing it for over 3 years since the release of PES 17.

However, it does deserve to be on the list of our top 10 games high graphics android games as it offers really amazing graphics, updated commentary, new stadium camera angles such as dynamic, TV, etc. PES 2022 is currently the best soccer on mobile with over 220 million downloads worldwide.

You can download PES 2022 for free at the Google play store Here.

Call of duty: MOBILE

Best high graphics android game CODM Call of duty: MOBILE

COD titles seems to never fail, Arguably the current best high graphics FPS game on android right now beating the likes of modern combat versus, critical OPs and bullet force.

Call of duty has finally arrived on android mobile and it did not disappoint. Bringing console quality AAA graphics to mobile and cool customizable controls for users to have total comfort.

You can go head to head with other players in team death-match, domination, capture the flag, search and destroy, warfare and other modes, you can take on hordes of zombies in the newly introduced zombie mode or you might as well get a team and be the last team standing in battle royal mode like PUBG mobile.

You can download CODM from the Google play store Here.

Green glass

download the best HD grapics android game Green glass

Green glass is on of the most most beautiful HD android adventure game with stunning graphics we've seen on mobile for a really long time.

Green glass offers captivating and top notch console-like graphics and giving the user full control in the game. Go on an adventure you'll never forget with your hero, ride a horse, visit different locations, battle enemies, solve puzzles to beat the next stage and much more.

Not to mention, it's totally an offline android game and does not require any sort of internet connection. Green glass is currently not available at the Google play store and only available in Chinese language.

You can download Green Glass for free Here.

Grid Autosport

Grid Autosport best android HD android Game

EA might just have to reconsider releasing Real racing 4 on android after they announced that it was cancelled. Grid autosport has finally arrived on mobile and it looks good, i mean really good!

A real competitor for real racing 3 and every other high graphics android racing game out there like Gameloft's Asphalt 9 - Legends. Grid autosport offers console quality HD graphics to android mobile phones, tons of race tracks and locations to explore where players can switch to different controls to suit your liking, different real time cars.

While grid autosport is only compatible on selected Android devices right now, we look forward to getting a new version as it's developers widens the compatibility list of android devices. Although it’s a paid Android game, but it's worth every penny!

Download from the Google play store Here.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR best HD android game

The tournament to find the best fighting champion in the world has come to android mobile phone. Create a team and lead them to glory in the all new king of fighters on android mobile phones.

King of Fighters offers really good balanced controls with lots of combos and abilities to use on your opponent. While giving you the movement button on your left side of the screen to have control over your fighter as well.

Take on players around the world with fast-paced real time multiplayer matches. Indeed Netmarble did not disappoint as it is on of the best high graphics android games you should play.

You can download and Install the game on the Google play store for free Here.

Animus - harbinger unpacked

best high graphics android game 2020

Prove your worth against the embodiment of death in this high graphics android game. Harbinger takes you deep into an adventurous journey into the dark lands.

Animus isn't 100% an open world android high graphics games like GTA, but it does offer the player free movement in battle and some minor movements around the surroundings.

Encounter different dark beings, own tons of weapons and magical abilities to make the journey easier. Animus is designed with quite an intense graphics for an android mobile game.

Animus harbinger is really worth to be on our list of top high graphics android games you can download.

Download Animus harbinger from the Google play store Here.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

high graphics android Game NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

With the success of past NBA games from 2k, Inc, NBA 2K mobile is also part of the developer’s achievement. Spotting amazing graphics than other basket ball android games.

2K mobile offers users on android phone with a console quality graphics, better online experience and multiple live events.

It's totally an online game and only runs on high end devices with 4gb ram and 8.1 (9.0 and above recommended) android versions.

Download NBA 2K from the play store Here.

Sky: Children of the light

Best High graphics android games Sky: Children of the light

After a successful release on console, Sky finally arrives on android mobile - beautiful, unique, captivating and one of a kind captivating soundtrack high graphics android game.

Sky is a social adventure android game where players can either fly solo or team up with other players to spread hope through the desolate kingdom and return fallen stars to their constellations.

A very beautiful android game with high graphics, Sky was on Beta in some countries but have been fully release worldwide.

You can download Sky: Children of the light from the play store Here.

Cyber Hunter

Top Best High Graphics Android Game Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter perhaps may not be making the battle royal wave like PUBG mobile, free fire or Fortnite, but this android game offers really amazing graphics for a mobile phone and it's definitely worth giving a shot on this list of best android games with high definition graphics.

It's a next generation competitive sandbox where players explore and fight in sandbox world, take on other players, open world roaming and lots more.

Download and play cyber hunter for free Here.

I hope you enjoy playing the best high graphics android mobile games on this list, Although there are lots of high graphics android games out there on mobile, most are upcoming games while some are not available worldwide yet but we would always keep our readers up to date as soon as they are released.

To be able to run these games on a minimal setting, kindly run them on a device with at least 3GB RAM, MaliT860 above and 1.5ghz or more.

Think I missed a game? leave a comment on your best high graphics android mobile games. Also, do stay updated to get the latest news on mobile games and share with other android game lovers out there!

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